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What do you want?

Science has long proven that as human beings we have a negative bias. So in most circumstances, we will tend to pay attention to what is not working, what is bothering us and what we don't want.

Which is why it is really important to ask yourself this question often through your day.

What do you want?

And your feelings will be an indicator of what you are focusing on.

When you feel worry, fear, doubt, anger, sadness or anxiousness that means you are generally focusing on what might go wrong, what you don't want or what is not working in your present reality.

At such moments, pause briefly, ask yourself " What do you want?" Think, imagine, visualize everything working out in your favour.

You will feel immediate relief as you practice this exercise.

The more you practice it, the better you will get at it. and the better you will feel.

So, when you are afraid of losing your job, focus on what you want by imagining yourself getting appreciated at work. Imagine being told that you have your job. Soak into those feelings of relief and happiness.

When you are frustrated with your weight, when you doubt if you will ever lose the weight you want, focus on what you want by thinking of what you will do and wear when you are at your ideal weight.

When you are worried about the bills and your finances, focus on what you want by visualizing ease and abundance in your life.

You don't have to worry about how you will get what you want? That is the universe's department. You just have to focus on paying more attention to what you want rather than what you don't want or like.

You have not come into this physical life to get everything on a silver platter and never experience contrast. On the contrary, you have come here to use your creativity and your inner power to sift through all the experiences you are having and then get clear with what you want. You have come here to experience joy in the process of creating the life you desire.

If you want to book a chat with me to get more support and personalised guidance to help you align with what you want then reach out to me at

Serving you is my life's purpose so don't hesitate reaching out to me.

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