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If you are here on this page,  you probably want to know the details of why and how we should work together.



Here are the answers to some of the questions that might be popping up in your gorgeous head

  • Why should you hire me as your coach?

    • Simply put if I were to ask you " Do you want to learn to be happy in your life? " and if your answer is " Yes yes yes !"  Then I can teach you and coach you to learn or rather remember the most important skill in the world and that is to be happy.

    • You would also benefit with my coaching if you know a lot about deliberate creation and know the rules of manifesting stuff in your life but are not seeing much success with all the effort you are making.

    • I can help you transform your life from a place where you might be overwhelmed, confused, frustrated and sad in one or more areas of your life to become someone who is centred, happy, at peace and excited about what's to come.


  • What is it that you will do as my coach? 

    • As your coach I will share tools and techniques that once applied will give you immediate relief and set you on the path to learning how to experience happiness and joy in your life.

    • In my interaction with you, I will be holding a vision of you that is the best version of yourself.

    • From this position of seeing you achieve and live the life that you want, I will ask questions that will help you dig deep and become aware of what you need to let go or what you need to activate to fulfil your dreams and enjoy your happy days.

    • Through this entire process, I will encourage you, be honest with you and highlight to you your successes that you might be underestimating or missing altogether.

    • I will be that person in your life who without any judgment will share with you what you can do differently to live a more fulfilled and happy life.

    • As your coach, I will be guiding you to your alignment to your higher self.


  • Do I have to be Law of attraction savvy to work with you?

    • As long as the fundamental premise of Law of attraction which is "Your thoughts create your reality" resonates with you, we are good to work with each other.

    • Happy days coaching is not meant for those of you who believe that life is meant to be a struggle and only through hard work and lots of action can you create the life you desire.


  • Can I talk to you first and then decide whether I want to continue to work with you as my coach?

    • Of course, our first conversation is absolutely free. Usually, it would last for about 30 minutes.

    • It's where you get to assess if you want to hire me as your coach, we will also discuss how long approximately will our coaching sessions last for.

    • It's where I assess if we are a good fit to work together to achieve your goals and get you to have more happy days in your life


  • What are the next steps to get the ball rolling?

    • You can fill in the form on the contact me page.

    • Or you can write to me at

    • I will get in touch with you via email personally, answer any questions that you might have asked and set up an Introduction conversation with a time and date.


 I am here to serve you and that is my life's purpose.

The work that we will do together will be life transforming for you. And it doesn't end with the finishing of the 1-hour long session that you will book.

You will feel the benefits of our work long after we finish with the session/s.

Coaching is extremely personal and can help you feel supported and motivated in your journey to create the life you desire and create happiness for yourself.

I look forward to connecting with you.


















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