About me

My Mission - My mission is to guide, teach, coach and empower people to  use their thoughts  and feelings as a guide to living a life full of harmony, love and happy days.
I want to help people understand the power of their alignment and to use it to live a life that they choose rather than a life that chooses them.

My Vision -I want to dedicate my life to support one person at a time through their journey of awakening to a reality where they can choose the experiences they want to have in their lives.
To stand by them through their internal process of becoming more aware, complete and empowered to choose how they want to feel moment to moment.


Hello to you my unique, special, awesome visitor,

I am so glad you decided to get to know me a bit better and I am excited to be a part of your life in some way or other.

I live in beautiful Sydney with my sweetheart husband who I met in school and two beautiful kids.

I can see the beautiful blue water of the harbour from every window of my house and I feel very grateful for the love and abundance I get to experience in my life every day.

I love people and understand and can relate to most people quite easily.

I am also a conscious creator who has been able to create a life for myself that has harmony in relationships , abundance and beauty in my surroundings and joy in what I do.

And I have created all this through the process of conscious creation or deliberate focus.

This put together with my purpose in life being to inspire people to live a life filled with mostly happy days is the motivation behind me creating this business.

My life was not always so wonderful, and I have had my share of contrast ( dark unhappy days and even years)

But with the tools that I have learnt from many teachers and books,

I now experience more joy and happiness on a daily basis than I have ever before.

I look forward to getting to know you better and once again welcome you to the opportunity to start your journey to happy days.


Professional bio


Nikky started her career in customer service as an air hostess for an Indian airline.

She then moved into Learning and Development and spent a majority of her career training and developing employees to be more effective at work and be the best versions of themselves .

After having children , Nikky made a conscious decision to put all her focus on raising her children along with developing and learning tools to better herself as a conscious creator.

Her strength in coaching is in the area of parenting, self esteem and creating more happy days irrespective of what's happening in your life which as you will learn will also automatically help you manifest the things you really desire.

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