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  • Nikky

They are not wrong just different.

Today I want to share with you a spiritual lesson I recently learnt and have immensely benefited from especially in my relationships.

I have always talked about using energy and alignment to who you are to create more harmony in your life.

But whenever I have been confronted with certain individuals in my life that I care for deeply, I have become frustrated and emotional about them not doing right by themselves or making decisions that were not in line with who they really are.

I was so impacted by their way of living and their values that it started to affect my relationship with them.

I asked myself what do I want? The clear answer that I received was that I wanted them to figure out who they were, develop a real relationship with themselves and honor that first, above everything else. Which in turn will definitely improve their personal life circumstances. Bottom line I wanted them to take responsibility for their life circumstances and consciously create the life that they desire. 

Moreover I wanted them to listen to me because I was right and they were wrong. I cringe even thinking that that is how far I let my ego have its day.

And it literally was about to ruin my relationship with the ones I love.

So as I meditated I asked for guidance and direction on how I could be of use to the people I love yet not push them away with my energy. And then as I was listening to one of my favorite spiritual gurus on the internet, I felt goosebumps all over my body because what she was explaining in her message resonated with me and made complete sense to me especially in terms of the energy behind how I was showing up in these relationships.

You see even if we want to help the ones we love, be it our children, husband or extended family, we must show up with the vibration of an open heart and thoughts that they are not wrong just different. Their choices, values or behavior doesn't have to match with what you or I believe is right. In this way, we can accept them and their different choices without any resistance.

And when we show up in these relationships with no resistance to what we observe as different in their lives we can be in a better position to influence or inspire change. 

As I let these thoughts sink in deeper, I felt a sort of peaceful calmness within me. I could feel my heart swell with love for them and the judgement and subsequent frustration I previously felt started to dissipate.

Without a doubt I know that this breakthrough or realization will help me in all my relationships especially when I will be challenged with situations where I don't fundamentally agree with my loved ones.

I share this with you with the intention that, you improve the quality of your relationships especially with that specific member of your family who triggers you the most.

I am sure this chain of thought would be useful since the festive season brings an opportunity to spend quality time with all your loved ones. 

You can reach out to me at to have a chat about your own personal situation.

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