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  • Nikky Dhillon

Take the path of least resistance.

Sometimes we experience a series of events that leaves us feeling that our life has turned upside down.

The pressure of the situation feels like we can't breathe. Panic might set in and we feel our brain shutting down with the pressure of having to navigate through the problems we are facing.

If you are familiar with this kind of situation, you will know it's not often that we face such extreme circumstances.

It's usually when we hear of someone we love becoming sick, loss of a job, losing your phone or wallet and similar kind of situations.

It's at those times, that taking the path of least resistance can actually help us feel some relief.

And as deliberate creators you know when you feel relief, however little, you are setting yourself up for becoming a match to a reality where things are turning around and getting better.

Maybe on further investigation, the diagnosis is not as bad as it first seemed, maybe you get a decent payout or maybe you recover your wallet or your contacts and photos.

Either way, you allow the universe to do its magic and possibly change the course of the events you are experiencing that have upset your world.

So what does taking the path of least resistance look like?

Well it's different for each of us because we are all unique and our vibration is like a thumbprint, completely unique to us and what we are experiencing.

But to give you a fair understanding, the path of least resistance will make you feel better. It will give you some relief. It might even look like you are going counterproductive to what you are meant to do, but it will definitely feel better to take this path.

These are some of the examples that might be the path of least resistance for you in your situation

  • Having a proper uninhibited cry or meltdown, feeling all the big emotions fully and completely.

  • Taking the easier option no matter what the situation.

  • Keeping your narrative about what you are going through towards the positive as best as you can no matter what the reality is.

  • Taking a nap even when you are meant to do or attend to more important things.

  • Taking action that might change already set plans but will make your life easier at the moment while you are facing this crisis.

  • Let go or surrender to whatever is happening and out of your control.

  • Do something small for yourself that might give you relief like having a shower, going for a walk, taking a moment or two to be alone or asking for help.

Vibration is everything. Vibration can turn things that seemed like the end of the world pretty quickly. Our emotions are our personal guidance system giving us feedback on our point of focus whether it is on the problem or the solution.

Aim for relief. Change your focus, to feel better even if is slightly better.

You can reach me at I am here to support you through any situation that you might be going through.

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