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Law of Attraction 101

Here is a quick reminder for you to get your manifesting game on.

Firstly, get clear with what you want to create and why. We are so accustomed to focusing on what we don't like about our lives that we don't even pay any attention on the reality we do want to experience.

Once you get clear with what you want to manifest, add energy to your desire by having a consistent practice that resonates with you like a meditation practice, visualization, scripting or Pray rain journal.

Commit to your chosen practice and do it daily.

The rest of the time raise your vibration by eliminating tolerations and doing what fills you with joy. Get off the subject of your manifestation because that makes you aware that it is not there yet.

If you have done your daily practice and taken two steps ahead towards your desire and then for the rest of the day you are feeling anxious or stressed or are sharply aware that what you want is not here yet then you have taken two steps back as well.

If worry or doubt rears its ugly head have an affirmation in place like -

"I have already got what I want."

"I am a super manifestor"

"I always get what I want."

End the day with a gratitude practice.Having a gratitude practice at the end of the day where you thank and remember the good things, moments and experiences of your life or day is a great way to raise your vibration.

If you follow these steps it shouldn't take long for your desire to come into your reality.

If it still doesn't show up or you haven't seen some sign that you are headed the right way you might need to reflect and examine your vibration. Self reflect and identify your blocks. It could be either of the following.

  • You are too attached to the outcome.

  • There is an underlying belief that you don't deserve it.

  • Self love is missing.

  • Or, you really want something else and not this. Like for example - You might want to manifest a new job, but what you really want is more appreciation and recognition for your work even if it were in the current job.

An example of using my alignment to get what I want is when I wanted to manifest having friends when I first moved to Australia. I would script and visualize daily about what I wanted to experience. I imagined laughing and enjoying the company of my friends. But a year went by and I didn't make any friends. I waited too long to examine my alignment closely. Eventually what I identified was that I was too attached to the outcome and I would often feel desperate and emotional.

I also had a toddler with me at that time and was not prioritizing myself. I felt drained many a times because I wasn't doing things to take care of myself and my vibration.

When I started to release attachment and get busy in what made me happy and fill me with joy, the right people started to show up in my life that I was able to feel a connection with. And soon I had a lovely set of people who add value to my life by their presence.

I wish you all the best and intend you to be successful fairly quickly in whatever you are working on manifesting.

You can reach out to me at with your questions or comments.

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