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Seeing your kids from the perspective of your inner being

Being a creator of my own life experience I am extremely conscious of how I show up for my kids.

That doesn't mean I am perfect and I always view them from the same perspective as my inner being.

Infact recently my son had to remind me of my misaligned way of dealing with my younger daughters sickness.

My 4 year old had been home for a few days because of having the pink eye. On top of that she developed a nasty cough that was keeping her and me up at night. There was a lot of retching, tears and unsettled behavior especially at night.

And that got me down the path of worrying for her. I complained, I worried and I was vocal about it. This happened for one whole day until in the evening my 8 year old son tells me "If you keep worrying mommy, she isn't going to get better"

That stopped me dead in my tracks. I was in awe of my sons wisdom and depth of understanding the Law of Attraction. Ofcourse he was right.

You see, the way my inner being sees her thriving, getting better and being strong in fighting her infection without any drugs was not a match to the way I was viewing her sickness. My negative emotion - Worry, was an indication that I was NOT a match to my inner being. This misalignment would cause me to experience more worry and more concern.

Clearly, I was not being of help to anyone. Because from that position of not being aligned to the ever flowing stream of well being that was available for me and her, I was slowing down her recovery.

She started to get better soon after, and I was so pleased at my son's understanding of deliberate creation.

Here are some more examples of how you or I could be seeing our kids from a misaligned perspective -

  • When I think my son could do better in school, I feel anxious - a sign that I don't match my inner beings perspective. Instead if I affirm that he is enjoying the process of learning at his pace, I feel good.

  • The flu season is on. And this time its worse than before. When I think I hope my kids don't fall sick, I feel worried and anxious - a sign that I don't match my inner beings perspective. Instead if I affirm that, my kids have a strong immune system and they attract their own well being.I feel assured and relieved. I feel inspired to up their vegetable and fruit intake and I act on my inspiration.

  • When you worry that your children are struggling to make friends, you are not aligned. Instead know that they are responsible for their own well being and that only the best will happen in their lives.

  • When you worry about their food, sleep or anything else ranging from their manners to their ability to adapt to school then you are not aligned. Instead develop beliefs like " All is well" " The universe has their back" " They are in touch with their inner guidance and they are in the best position to attract the well being they deserve"

If you want to have more conversations about raising children using the principles of the Law of Attraction, reach out to me at

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