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Contrast is the starting point

Contrast is the starting point .

You should welcome it and don't ask why did this happen.

Just know that it happens for your expansion, for your growth and for the evolution of your consciousness.

You are always summoning your growth because part of growth and expansion is the creative process of attracting what you want.

You experience contrast or unwanted circumstances and events, to get clear with what you want and get clear with who you really are.

It is up to you, through such events to sharpen your focus on what you want and move towards that vibrationally.

Suffering is a choice. Most of us grew up training ourselves out of balance when bad things happen. As part of our education or upbringing most of us never learnt tools to manage our emotions especially when we experience difficult situations.

We are usually left wondering why did this happen ? And what action can I take now to make sure it doesn't happen again?

As a conscious creator you know how the rules of the universe work. If you take action to prevent something from happening it usually means you have active within you the vibration of exactly what you don't want.

Your actions are fear based.

A better way to deal with unwanted events is to go inwards. Get clear with what you want to experience. Tune into your own guidance. Recognize your specialness. Nurture your love for yourself. And only then, when inspiration strikes take any action.

The idea is not to stay in the vibration of that unwanted event for too long. As that will prolong your suffering and attract other similar situations in your life.

I am not encouraging you to expect contrast or look forward to it, I am inviting you to accept it gently as a part of your evolution here.

Teaching and guiding you to use the Law of Attraction is my life purpose so if you want to have a conversation with me about it, reach out to me at

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