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4 things you can do now to attract what you want.

At some point or another in our lives we are challenged by the circumstances that surround us.

Be it a tough job that is sucking the energy out of you or a long term relationship that is falling apart or when you are neck deep in debt with no way to get out of it.

It is during times of such contrast that you can really use the Law of Attraction to get you out of whatever you feel you are stuck in.

So here is a small refresher on what is deliberate creation.

Deliberate creation - Leveraging the Law of Attraction to become a match to what you want.

Law of Attraction - the fundamental law that governs all of life which states that "Like attracts like". Practically speaking that means what you offer in terms of your vibration is what you get back or attract to yourself.

Vibration - A sum of your thoughts, feelings and focus.

Alignment - When you are a match to what you want then you are aligned to what you want to attract. Alignment comes by becoming more like the version of you who has already got what you want. ( Read that again and get curious about it)

Now that you have a basic understanding of how this works, lets see what you can do now to attract what you want.

  1. Get clear with what you really want - Sometimes the obvious solution to your current challenge is not what you really want. For example if you feel stuck in your current job or you are not happy in your role then it might seem that a new job is the obvious choice that will get you out of this situation. But if you don't engage the process of changing your vibration and energy you will land yourself in a similar situation a few months down the line, even in the new job. So getting clear with what you really want means getting clear with how your new job will look like for you. Which means how do you want to feel when you go to work?, What kind of interactions do you want at work? , What do you want to feel when you are getting ready for work in the mornings?

  2. Find a way to activate those feelings now - Once you have identified how you will be feeling and who you will become once you have got what you want, then you have to become that identity now. In this manner, you become a match to what you desire. For instance, if you want to feel more appreciated at work in your new job then you have to find a way to activate " Feeling appreciated" now. Perhaps your friends appreciate you or your family appreciates you. Find a way to put your attention on those areas of your life where you do feel appreciated rather than on to where you are not appreciated.

  3. Change the story - Most times we stay stuck in unpleasant situations more than we should have because we are either unwilling or don't know how to change the story about what is challenging us in the present moment. If you continue to tell the story of how tough it is and how challenging your situation is and you have amplified it by feeling strong emotion about the current story then you will continue to be stuck in that situation. You have to find a way to use your creativity to tell a different story about the same situation. For instance - When my client was working with a supervisor who was making life difficult for him at work, he had to first change his energy towards her by empathizing with her in his mind. He built a story about how tough her life had been and how many challenges she had faced from an early age and perhaps that had hardened her to become so authoritative at work. Some of this was based on facts about her that she had shared with the team. As his energy at work shifted from frustration and anger to feeling strong and balanced, he attracted a different supervisor and she moved to another company. ( I have permission to share this story)

  4. Raise your vibration - If you have followed through the first 3 steps then you will feel ready to create some daily practices that will help you raise your vibration. Whether you choose to go out in nature more often, exercise, meditate or write gratitude journals, having a daily practice that moves your attention from what sucks to what uplifts you will invite magical and unexpected opportunities to delight you in your life.

If you need more support in figuring out where you stand in terms of your vibrational offering and what other tools you can use to attract what you desire then reach out to me at

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