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How I teach my kids about the Law of attraction ?

As a mum, I have the most amazing opportunity to teach my kids about the Law of Attraction and how to leverage their own energy to attract what they desire and to activate happiness for themselves in the present moment.

I want to share with you some of these tips and techniques in the hope that it encourages you to teach and guide your kids to get comfortable with deliberate creation as well.

So my son has known the basics of the Law of Attraction for a few years now. He understands that how you feel is what you attract.

These are the ways in which I remind him and my daughter to practice this fundamental law that governs are reality.

  • When my children are upset or angry, I remind them to feel the feelings completely and then choose how they want to feel. Here are the words that I use to give this message to them - " I know you are angry and you have been showing me that for the last five minutes but when you are ready would you like to choose to be happy or continue to be angry ". In most situations, they say I want to be happy. Then I give them some space for a few minutes so they can release all their anger and then ask again " would you like to choose to be happy now " , they say " yes" and I then seal the deal to change their energy by asking if they want a cuddle. And just like that they learn that their feelings are their choice and that they have the power to choose feelings that are positive even if they are confronted by situations that bring up negative emotion. Repeat this practice each time you see them struggling with anger, sadness, being upset or disappointed. And you would have given them a gift that will help them for the rest of their lives.

  • When they want a toy - When my kids demand for a toy or an experience that I am not ready to buy for them, I ask them to leverage on the LOA to receive that toy. I ask them to clearly state to the universe what they want, then get excited that they are going to receive that toy soon. I also ask them to list all the toys that they do have now that they enjoy. Two things happen when we do this with them, either they forget about their desire because they get involved in appreciating what they have or if their desire is strong enough, they attract the receiving of that toy in some shape or form.

  • When they feel unsafe - When my son says that he feels unsafe because there are " Baddies" in the world. I remind him to choose carefully what he is imagining in his head. As he imagines situations where he is in danger, he will feel uncomfortable and anxious. As he imagines situations where he is safe because he has a protective energy field around him, he feels secure and comfortable. This practice allows him to feel empowered enough to choose what he imagines and therefore feels. I also explain to him that he is the boss of his brain and not the other way round.

  • When they lose things - Often when my kids lose their things, I explain that if they are looking for their lost thing and feeling upset, frustrated and needy then they are not a match to what they want. So we have a little exercise we do. We conjure up excitement in ourselves pretending we found what we were looking for. We jump up with joy. Gesticulate with our fists and shout out Hurrays and yippies. And then we let go. Get off the subject. And as expected we always find what the kids have misplaced or lost. And they know that it is them working the universe that got them their toy or object back.

An example of this practice is when my son lost his school senator pin at the cricket ground. We came back home after cricket practice and I noticed that the school Tshirt in his bag didn't have the pin. We concluded that perhaps when he wore his cricket Tshirt on the ground he must have dropped the pin there.

So I wrote a mail asking the team if they had seen the pin knowing that it might be unlikely. What I did know is that if my son became a match to finding his pin, he would somehow find it. Anyway we followed the steps of our little practice and then as it was bed time I tucked him in and said goodnight. He tells me that he found the pin and that it is lying on his table and for a moment I really thought it was. But he was just saying it to activate the vibration of finding it. An hour later when my husband came home he had a school tshirt in his hand and said that it was lying in front our main door. The tshirt had the Senator pin on it. My son must have got someone else's school tshirt back home and his tshirt might have fallen from his bag right in front of our house.

  • Teaching them about tuning into their inner guidance - I have also introduced my children the practice of connecting to their inner guidance. They know that their guidance talks to them through their emotions. So when something doesn't feel right then they must honour their feelings by removing themselves from the situation or the person or the experience as best as they can. It is of course tricky to explain the difference between their brain talking to them or their innerguidance / heart talking to them. How I explain this difference is that if they have imagined a scenario in their brain which makes them feel fearful or worried then it is the brain but if their heart is communicating to them then it is their inner guidance. This one is still work in progress. However what I have observed is kids naturally want to do what they "Feel" like doing rather than what they are told to. Especially when they are younger. As they get older they get a bit more systematized at school and in society and that is when as parents we can remind them to tune into their feelings.

If you have other ways in which you guide and teach your children to use deliberate creation please share in the comments below.

I am here to support you on your own journey of raising your kids and using the Law of Attraction so reach out to me at

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