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  • Nikky

What to do in times of uncertainty.

These are uncertain times for most of us. The world as we know it is changing fast and it can be quite unsettling for us. In such times and in times of any life challenges, really, what can help is having a framework of beliefs, values and practices that we can lean on to help us get through these times and make us feel safe and secure.

The framework that you adopt should help you connect to your higher self/ god/ universe/ source and be the source of strength, clarity, guidance and the knowing that all will be well.

And for all purposes, you should develop this framework when things are going smoothly and when you are not low on your energy resources.

A point to note is that you could adopt a framework which is based on religion or energy ( Vibration and frequency) or self-belief.

Here are a few elements that are essential in a framework that supports you and offers strength.

  1. Your framework should help you have beliefs that work for you rather than against you. For example, a belief that being really happy means something bad is going to happen soon after is a belief that doesn't really work for anyone.

  2. Your framework should foster beliefs that are expanding in nature and not contracting which simply means you believe in the abundance of things and opportunities and not the lack of them. And yes that applies to situations like the coronavirus and the related hoarding that is currently happening.

  3. Your framework should promote practices that help you connect to your inner self. Practices that help you intentionally activate peace and calm and a sense of wellbeing. For example, practices like meditation, positive self-talk and intentional self-care ( Nutrition and movement)

  4. Your framework should help you connect to what you want rather than what you don't want. A framework that makes you more fearful, unsure, insecure and creates panic is not the one that will help you improve the quality of your life or offer you strength in challenging times.

As a deliberate creator, you know that what you are predominately thinking and feeling is what you attract more of. So get your mind off this virus and if you are under self-quarantine, then use this time to connect to the knowing within you that

" All will be well".

At the least, suggest to yourself that, " All could be well for you and that you and your loved ones will be ok" Such positive assuring affirmations will give you relief from the panic and feelings of doomsday that you might be feeling. And when you feel the relief you will be in a better position to tap into your intuition and inner nudges to act according to them rather than out of fear.

If you need more support during these uncertain times, please reach out to me at We can get through these times together and by focusing on our inner alignment rather than on the external chaos which is all-consuming at the moment.

Stay well. Stay aligned.


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