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  • Nikky

live the life that works for you

Your guidance is supreme and is all you need to create a life that you love.

Connect with this guidance and get aligned before every decision and action that you take.

You might have noticed I am new to Instagram in case you follow me there and I don’t post often. This is because I run my business, my household finances, raise kids and manage my relationships based on the Law of Attraction principles.

And one of the fundamental principles of the LOA is “ Love what you do or do what you love”. In other words, be aligned with whatever you are choosing for yourself and how you are showing up in the world. You do this by connecting to your higher self which always makes you feel good.

The result of living by these principles is that I get to choose to post on social media when I want and how I want while keeping my intention of being of service to people in mind.

The result is also that I get to enjoy a life that I have curated over the years that I have been practising this principle. I get to experience abundance, ease, growth, fulfilment and love. And I get to experience these on my terms without even trying. I know so many of you are also practising leveraging on the Law of Attraction to create the life you want. I want to encourage you to tend to your connection with your self and to follow your guidance rather than others opinions and rules or statistics and data. Come into the knowing that as you give up the resistance and enjoy what you do or do what you enjoy, all the good stuff starts to show up in your life.

You feel resistance when you are feeling anxious, burdened or overwhelmed. You feel aligned when you feel excited, fulfilled and balanced.

Your alignment will create opportunities, line up resources and create synchronicities that will make life easier for you. So please give your alignment its due and prioritise how you feel beyond just blindly following rules set largely by others. Listen, observe and learn but always follow your own guidance. As a general rule if you are doing a job, a role or certain tasks, be mindful that you enjoy them or choose to do something that you do enjoy. Either way, sacrificing your alignment for what you think and believe will benefit you but causes the resistance in you to build-up is not going to benefit you.

To receive more support and guidance to learn ways that can strengthen your alignment please reach out to me at


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