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What you think and feel is what you attract.

If you want to live a life that you have created deliberately and consciously then you have to start taking responsibility for whatever you are experiencing in your current life.

So whether the going is tough or amazing, you have attracted everything and every person in your life.

When I first learned about the principles of deliberate creation and was confronted with the fact that I have the power to create whatever I desired in my life, it scared me and thrilled me at the same time.

There is no denying the fact that what we think and how we feel is what we get to experience.

Recently I went overseas to meet my family and even though I love them, I had conflicting thoughts about meeting them. I felt anxious, stressed and emotional way before my travel dates. I even had nightmares about imagined unpleasant and traumatic situations featuring these relatives.

As a coach I knew if I continued to feel in this way then that is how I would experience them because what you feel is what you attract.

And yes no surprises there, I had a difficult time in my interactions with them. The holiday was far from enjoyable and I experienced many tense moments while interacting with my extended family.

Looking back, I can see that I was laid back about my vibe and about my vibrational offering. I did not prep well before my trip. I didn't spend anytime and energy focusing on what I did want to experience. I was aware of how I was feeling but not vested enough to do something about changing it. And I had many excuses for why I didn't bother working on my vibration before meeting them.

But what I can't deny is that I created my experience based on what I was thinking and feeling. This is the Law of Attraction and it is dependable and absolute and always in play. And I appreciate that I can reflect and see a connection between what I was thinking and what happened. There is power in that reflection because it strengthens my understanding of how this law works.

I pride myself of my relationship with my kids, husband and friends. I experience harmony everyday with them. I know I have created these experiences too by thinking and feeling in alignment to what I want from these relationships.

So whether it is your financial situation, relationships, or health, you create every experience in your life.

What are your dominant thoughts in each of these areas?

What feelings come up for you when you talk about each of these areas?

What story do you tell when you are talking about each of these areas?

Get deliberate and choose thoughts, beliefs and stories that serve you well and feed into what you want to create rather than into what you don't like about your life.

Well, for me, this holiday was a great lesson in not taking my vibrational offering to the universe for granted and being more vigilant about how I am feeling regarding my extended family.

Do write to me with your stories and experiences using the Law of Attraction.

You can reach me at

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