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What makes you happy?

Do you know what makes you happy?

If your answer has something to do with the possession of things, more money, love, appreciation or anything else in your external world then I have to break the news to you that what you think will make you happy is not going to make you really happy. At least not in a lasting deep way.

So do you know what makes you happy other than the external stuff ?

I guess its a hard question to answer especially because we are conditioned from early childhood to be more external focused.

Today I want to share 10 easy ways that can help you activate happiness for yourself irrespective of what you have or not.

  1. Appreciate yourself more often.

  2. Have some daily self love practices.

  3. Be grateful for the small things - Start a gratitude journal.

  4. Surround yourself with positive upbeat people.

  5. Set firm boundaries with other people letting them know how you would like to be treated.

  6. Be in nature and move stagnant energy within you by walking or exercising outdoors.

  7. Slow down and sit in silence even if it's during your commute to work.

  8. Get off or limit your time on social media.

  9. Show up as your real self in your interactions with the people in your life.

  10. Savor and soak all your senses in the little things in life like when you have your coffee, sip it consciously enjoying every moment, or when you are petting your dog or spending time with your kids look into their eyes and appreciate every moment with them.

I believe if you prioritize your happiness above all, then everything else in your life also works out. You see, when you activate joy and happiness in your life you become a match to everything you ever wanted and it starts to flow in to your life.

Don't let your brain trick you to believe that if you become happy now then that means you have to give up on all your wants and desires. On the contrary, if you start to activate happiness for yourself inspite of not having the things you want, those very things start to show up in your life in unexpected ways.

If you want some support in your personal journey, please reach out to me at

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