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Manifesting 101

Just because in the day time you can't see the moon, you don't question that it is still up there in the sky. You expect it to come out at night and on most nights you can see it clearly.

You have been taught that the moon exists in the sky even if you can't see it.

On some clear days when the suns angle is just right you can see the moon even in the daytime.

Manifestations are like that, just because you can't see what you want doesn't mean it's not already in existence vibrationally.

Infact the moment you have a desire, the universe answers by creating exactly what you want. But for you to see it and feel it in your life in a human way, you have to believe in it and expect it the way you believe and expect to see the moon even when it's not visible to you just then.

So can you believe in that big sum of money that has your name on it even when you can't see it.

When you pay your bills do you believe that this big sum of money is there already in existence waiting for your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and expectations to become a match, for it to then show up in your reality

Or do you doubt and fear that it might never show up or question when will it show up.

Encourage yourself to believe that what you desire is a done deal , it exists much before you can see it with your five senses.

In my own personal experience it doesn't take more than a few weeks for you to see movement towards your desire when you completely expect it and believe in its existence. Infact you don't have to be aligned 100% of the time. As long as most of the time you are able to access the feelings of satisfaction, relief and excitement that comes with the knowing that you got what you wanted then the manifestation has to show up in physical form in your reality. When you expect your manifestation as organically and naturally as you expect to see the moon in the sky is when you are really close to manifesting it.

So tune it to these feelings and use the words below and create some for yourself to help you conjure those feelings of satisfaction, excitement and relief.

" Yay, I got what I wanted"

" That was so easy to attract"

" This feels so good"

" I am super powerful as I brought into existence what I desired"

"The house is sold"

" The money has been deposited"

" I am my ideal weight"

" I have my sweetheart in my life"

All the best in your personal journey of creating the life and experiences you desire.

I am here to support you so reach out to me at

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