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Manifesting 101

In my experience of using the Law of Attraction to manifest what I want, I have come to realize that all of this is really simple. You ask for what you want, then imagine it, visualize it, feel it.

( It - being the fulfillment of your desire ) and then Bang !! You manifest what you want.

Then why have some of my desires and perhaps yours still not manifested. What is keeping what you want away from you?

You've done everything that you were supposed to do.

So then why are you still waiting ?

Well the answer is in that very question. Why are you still waiting ?

Here are some of the ways that You and I could be sabotaging our progress.

You are waiting - Awareness of your desire not yet manifested will stall your progress. So for example let's say you want to manifest a better job which ofcourse comes from the experience of being in a job that you don't like. In this situation, you need to shift your focus from the present job to how you would feel when you got your dream job. The first sign that you are doing a good job of focusing on what you want rather than what you don't want is that you will start to feel better in your present. But how do you stay focused on what you want while you are suffering at the expense of the unwanted job that you currently have. You do that by making peace with where you are right now. You do it by finding things that are positive about your current situation.

Your vibration is not a match - Whether the reason is that you are focused on the lack of your desire or you are focused on how tough life is. Whatever the reason might be, if you are generally not feeling good and are anxious, stressed or frustrated that could slow down your manifestation. You can learn more about how to lift your vibration here.

You are resisting - Many people feel or think that if I make an effort to learn to be genuinely happy and be at peace without my desire having manifested then what's the point of wanting a manifestation.

That is really not true. The universe only recognizes your vibrational instruction. In other words, if you are anxious quite a lot during the day and in the evening you spend some time visualizing and imagining, that is not enough to have a successful manifestation. Activating happiness irrespective of the success of manifestation will invariably help you attract what you want.

You don't love yourself enough - Even if you manage to get everything right, but you lack self love that will hold your manifestation from happening. The universe recognizes that you have doubts about what you deserve and that you don't value yourself enough and therefore cannot give you what you want because this energetically blocks the good stuff from rolling in. So love yourself up and if you want some tips on how to do that, then read this.

The X factor - There have been some occasions where no matter how aligned I was and how ready I felt to manifest what I wanted, I still had no success. The interesting fact to note is that I eventually did get what I wanted except that it was much later or it was in a form that was way better for me then what I had originally thought of. I call this the X factor or sometimes divine timing. Looking back at each of those instances , I know the way things turned out actually served me better than I could imagine.

For example, after my son turned 2 , I started trying to get pregnant, it took us a lot longer than we anticipated. Being a deliberate creator I was conscious of my energy around this subject. Yet I got pregnant, miscarried and then got pregnant again and eventually had a baby who was 5 years younger than my son. I originally wanted a 3 or 3 1/2 year gap between both of them but looking at my experience I did realize that having this long gap helped me enjoy my new baby much more and infact my son too enjoyed having a little sister way more than if he was a toddler himself. Logistically also I found it easy to manage my business, home and selfcare routines along with my two kids.

So in conclusion I know and trust that the universe sometimes holds things back because it recognizes in our vibration, our desire to be happy and knows when and what experience will be perfect for us to add to our happiness and joy.

Share with me your thoughts on what is keeping your manifestations away from you.

And if you want me to help you identify whats keeping the good stuff from coming to you then reach out to me at

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