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  • Nikky

You are enough !

I have been thinking a lot about why is it so hard for most people to love themselves and believe that they are enough. That their value is not dependent on what they are doing, what others think of them and what they own.

In my experience of talking to people, the root cause of most of the anxiety and suffering that people go through is because deep down they do not believe that they are good enough.

They might feel they are not doing enough, not pretty enough, not rich enough, nor educated enough or not thin enough. The theme being that they are measuring their value based on what is expected out of a functioning individual in our society.

As I observe my children, I see that they are born feeling whole, complete, with an immense value of self and with a sense that they are enough.

Yet, I see adults all around me struggling to love themselves just as they are.

Marisa Peer who is a world renowned speaker, Rapid Transformational Therapy trainer and best-selling author coined this term " You are enough". She talks about how our mental habits and our thought patterns determine our success.

There are no short cuts to changing our mental habits or thought patterns.

If you have decided you cannot live another day feeling miserable about yourself then you have to commit to changing the way you talk to yourself. All it requires is consistent and repetitive suggestions to yourself that " You are special just the way you are"

That you are not defined by what others think of you and by what you are doing or have.

I invite you to commit to your well being. To start flipping every negative thought that comes to your mind regarding yourself. Become who you really are by managing one thought at a time. This is why we came to this dimension. To experience this ride of ups and downs with the purpose of recognizing our own true light and power.

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