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What upsets you?

I hear a lot of people say that it is upsetting when someone treats them badly or when someone is rude to them.

As deliberate creators, you know that managing your feelings is critical in managing your vibrational offering to the universe and therefore the quality of your life. But what do you do when you get hurt, angry or upset because someone you work with or a friend or a family member has treated you in less than an ideal way.

Here is a process that you could follow to soothe your feelings and move towards resolving and addressing the underlying reason for the discomfort that you feel.

Let's say a colleague has said something that hurts your feelings.

You have two choices when that happens. Either you could have a chat directly with the colleague depending on your confidence and comfort level with the person in question or you can choose to manage your own feelings and process the interaction in that way.

If you decide to manage your own feelings, then that could be a good way to change your vibration and energy stamp so that you don't attract similar situations to yourself.

Ask yourself -

1) Why did that person's treatment of me make me feel bad?

Answers might range from - I felt disrespected, humiliated, not liked to milder feelings like it was unpleasant or I felt unappreciated or not validated.

2) Can you fill the gap of what you would feel if this person treated you well, by building yourself up to experience the very feelings that you felt the lack of in your interaction with this person?

So for example, You can practice working on yourself to make yourself feel appreciated, liked, loved and respected.

3) This is the most important part of this process and it comes from the fact that most of us put the relationship we have with ourselves last. We put the whole and sole responsibility of pleasing us, appreciating us, loving and respecting us on others. And that is never going to work in a strong sustainable way.

So the prescription for those uncomfortable feelings that come up when others are rude or don't appreciate you is that you have to spend some time with yourself alone every single day to nurture the relationship you have with yourself.

This should be not negotiable.

Some practices that you can incorporate right away is meditation, writing to yourself and positive self-talk.

If you need more support to understand how to implement these practices and to set new habits then please reach out to me. This is an investment in yourself and the life you want to create.

You can reach me at


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