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  • Nikky

How " much " do you want a better life?

I emphasise on the word " much " because in my coaching practice and life experience I have observed that most people want a better life or better circumstances in a particular area of their lives. And I put myself in that lot as well.

But it is only when your desire to improve your circumstances is strong enough and you are devoted to do "the work", does the universe start to shift things to help you out.

Let's talk a bit about " the work".

  • The work is the practice of consistently focusing on what you want and what makes you feel good.

  • The work is the practice of raising your vibration daily by immersing yourself in joy-inducing activities.

  • The work is the practice of eliminating tolerations and energy drainers in your daily routine and relationships.

  • The work is going deeper and becoming aware of your unfulfilled needs and taking responsibility for them. Loving yourself and appreciating yourself is your responsibility.

  • The work is the practice of staying in the present by connecting to your breath.

  • The work is the practice of increasing your awareness not only of what is upsetting you but what thoughts and stories you are telling yourself about what is upsetting you.

  • The work is the practice of daily meditation.

And the work needs to be practised daily. It has to become a way of living.

The practice is the work and the work is the practice.

Change in your circumstances will not happen until you do the work.

And so I invite you to not waste any more time waiting, yearning or doing to make your life better. Do the work instead.

If you need more support or cheering on or guidance please reach put to me at


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