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  • Nikky

Give yourself the gift of your love.

If you had to choose one practice that would make the biggest difference in your life, that would be the practice of loving yourself, putting yourself first and taking care of your own needs and desires. I know this all sounds pretty selfish and most people that do not understand energy would definitely not agree with this chain of thought. However in this energetic world that we live in, the reality we experience is a mirror of how we are feeling on the inside. A loving supportive relationship with yourself will put you in the best position to craft a beautiful life. It is interesting that we are never really taught how to love ourselves in our school education or in our homes and society. In fact in many cultures, the idea of prioritising your feelings and yourself and is frowned upon as rude and self-centred.

Yet without the foundation of having this supportive and loving relationship with yourself, you will continue to make decisions that don't serve you well, you will say yes when you mean no, you will continue to adjust/compromise/concede to make others around you more comfortable. In other words, you will dispense energy on people and things that don't necessarily are in your best interest.

Don't get me wrong, there is a huge amount of joy and fulfilment in giving to others, in loving others and in caring for the ones you love.

What I am suggesting is you put your self-care, your rest and your connection with self before you do things for others. You put your comfort, your alignment and your connection to yourself before anything else. This is the gift of loving yourself.

This will not only make your life less complicated but also help you avoid energy drainers that you might think are unavoidable.

Here is a practical example for you - If you love looking after your family and have a high standard of work ethic at your workplace and all your activities and thoughts ( Energy) are being used for the benefit of these two areas of your life, then you could start to notice that things are not always working out smoothly in your life.

This is because you are not in a state of flow but are instead living life in a functional way.

The way to get in a state of flow and thereby attract all the good things you desire is to commit to putting your needs and the relationship with your self first. This might look like getting your rest, making sure you have your "me time" to connect to yourself, saying no when you feel you need a break and asking for support when you need it.

The habits of taking care of others first are hard to break but once you discover the innate power you have to create the reality you want which rests on the foundation of having a strong loving relationship with yourself then you will be motivated to continue to work on this very important relationship.

If you want more support or want to have a chat with me about how you can incorporate habits and behaviours that support this relationship with yourself reach out to me at

Being of service to you is my life's purpose.


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