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Get some relief from the fear

As we come to terms with how our lives have changed because of the pandemic we are also Confronted by our deepest darkest fears.

Most of you might have felt some degree of it in the last two months.

For some it could be the fear of getting sick and for some it could be of losing a loved one. And for some others it could be the fear of infecting the ones you love.

So in these difficult times it is even more important to remind ourselves of the law of attraction. And hopefully to leverage on our alignment more than our fear based actions. As deliberate creators you know that what you feel is what you attract.

You also know that the thoughts that you practice the most become beliefs and then the evidence that you seek will have to match what you have been mostly thinking about.

So for example if you have been mostly thinking about how unsafe it is in the world and how possible it is that you can get infected and then get sick, then you will continue to see evidence of how unsafe the world is. And that will make your original thought even stronger. This creates a loop that keeps you stuck in the feelings that are not helpful and in fact can lower your immunity.

I am not recommending that you be inresponsible or break the restrictions that your government has have placed for your safety.

I am suggesting that you focus your energy more on thoughts that make you feel safer.

Due to our conditioning we continue to focus on the physical world more than our spiritual world. As a result we continue to focus on our actions to keep us safe.

If you understand the rules of deliberate creation and the laws of this universe, you will know that no amount of action can keep you from experiencing what you are a match to vibrationally.

So before you take the action that you believe is necessary to keep you safe, focus on the thoughts and the feelings that you have around this virus and pandemic.

You would benefit in thinking in ways about this pandemic that makes you feel safe and at ease with the current reality.

There are many ways you could do that. Some of them are -

👉🏼Accept and make peace with the virus being part of our environment and serving a higher purpose for planet earth.

👉🏼Know that sickness comes from taking our attention away from wellbeing.

👉🏼Reminding yourself about the things that have kept you safe in the past when you were at risk.

👉🏼Reminding yourself that things always turn out fine for you as long as you stay calm and reasonably happy.

I want to share with you how I am making sense of the pandemic and the risks involved to encourage you to come up with your own unique narrative that activates the feelings of being safe, secure and being at ease with this situation.

I believe and have understood from the evidence that this virus is here to stay until a cure or vaccine has been created. So the meaning I have given to this virus is that it’s not bigger or more dangerous than any of the other diseases that plague us humans. And that I am no more or less safer before the Covid 19 hit us. This offers me relief. You choose the story that makes sense to you and offers you relief from the fear and allows you to get back to living your life in the best possible way.

Regardless sending you my best wishes and support.

You can reach me at for weekly support and to help you sort through your feelings and manage your thoughts during these times.


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