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Before you decide, get aligned.

I have had many conversations about the most effective way of deciding a particular course of action.

If you want to leverage the Law of Attraction a general rule is that you should choose a path that feels right.

And if you have already decided, that you will choose a certain path then it is your responsibility to get aligned and become a match to what you have decided and the outcome that you desire.

For example, if you have decided to live in a certain suburb, then you have to decide to honor that decision by always keeping your focus on the things you like and appreciate about that suburb. In other words, either learn to appreciate where you live or choose to live in a place that you can appreciate.

If you are like most people, you will tend to feel, based on what you are observing in your experience of living each day. However what happens when you are not intentional about how you want to feel and what you want to focus on, you end up becoming a victim to the circumstances of your life. You unknowingly give away your power to create your experience .

So, if you want to leverage on the Law of Attraction you have to tend to your alignment.

Remember, alignment is choosing intentionally to feel good by focusing on what you can appreciate in your life.

Recently, we initiated the process of identifying which high school our oldest might end up going to. Understandably there are choices, pros and cons, opportunities and matching the school to our child's personality to consider.

In all this what we have kept in mind is that we listen to how we feel in our heart and gut to help us decide what is the best option for our child.

And we know once we finally come to a decision, we will stay aligned by choosing to pay attention to only what makes us feel more confident about the choice we made.

And in that manner we become a match to our desired outcome which is for our child to thrive in his high school years.

You can apply this principle to any situation.

Let me know your experience of using this Law of Attraction principle in helping you achieve the desired outcome that you want from your decisions.

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