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Make peace with now to create change

I know that this statement is contrary to everything you have ever learned about bringing change in your life circumstances.

But if you understand energy at all and if you want to leverage on the Law of Attraction to bring about fast changes in your life you will know that holding on to resistance for your present circumstances will only hold back everything that you want.

So if you want to lose weight, but if all you do is focus on how much weight you have gained, then that resistance will prevent you from manifesting any change.

Similarly, if you want more abundance but you predominantly focus on the lack of money then that resistance to your current situation will prevent you from manifesting more wealth.

Here is a story to demonstrate to you that resistance to what you are experiencing and that which you do not want can be actually counterproductive to your successful manifestation.

When we were living in India and really wanted to move to Australia, our main focus during our day used to be on the chaotic reality of living there. We would at every instance notice the many reasons why we wanted to leave our country and move to Australia.

So when we encountered chaos, traffic, pollution or corruption we felt frustrated, angry and irritated and our wanting to move out turned very quickly to desperation.

This resistance to our current circumstances left us stuck in that situation for many years inspite of taking a lot of action to try to immigrate.

It was only when we reviewed our vibration ( which comes from our feelings and thoughts), we became aware of our point of focus.

You see like always attracts like. So your dominant vibration about any subject is what you will attract more of.

In order to move out of our country for a better quality life, we had to make peace or in the best case scenario find a way to be reasonably happy where we were in order to attract a way to move out.

This is what trips up most deliberate creators because your brain says that if you become happy with where you are then why would you want to go anywhere else?

However, making peace with the now is exactly what you need to become a match to the change you want to bring about.

In our case, what we wanted was to live in Australia which would make us happy and excited. Yet in our present, we were frustrated, desperate and irritated. You see clearly that we were not a match to what we wanted.

So we decided to consciously use some specific tools and daily practices to make peace with India.

Part of that was making lists of positive aspects of our flat that we lived in, the city where we lived and the country as a whole. And then we found reasons to appreciate our life there on a daily basis. Initially, it was hard and we faked a lot of it but as we continued to focus on what we found as positives about our country of birth, we felt a genuine appreciation and even happiness rise within us and we started to enjoy our life there.

There were many days, I remember that we even forgot that we wanted to move out.

In three months after changing our vibration slowly but surely, we finally got a break and everything lined up for us to move countries.

Infact, we could not have asked for a better way to move to Australia. The whole transition and relocation worked out more smoothly than we had ever imagined.

As I have got better and better at leveraging the Law of Attraction, I can assure you that making peace or being happy in your current situation is critical in creating the life you desire.

And so if you are trying to relocate, it helps to remember that it is not your location but your vibration which ultimately leads to a good quality of life. Which is why when we moved to Sydney, it did not guarantee a happily ever after ending. Life goes on.

The process of creation goes on.

And being happy by focusing on what you want at the same time being clear with what you want to create is an ever evolving process that never ends.

If you wish to gain more insight and get personalised guidance to help you manifest the things you want then reach out to me at

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