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Give up the struggle !

We are taught from an early age that struggle is a part of life. And to get to your goal. the achieving of which will ultimately give you happiness, you must sacrifice, you must struggle, work hard and maybe even suffer. All for this glorious prize that will then make the journey all worth it. And the prize will give you that golden pot of happiness which will make all the pain and discomfort all worth it.

Well, I am here to tell you that it doesn't work like that. And its not just me, this is the basis of the teachings of the Law of Attraction.

Now the first thing I get from people when I tell them that the struggle will keep their goal further away. Infact, giving up the struggle is the shortest path to your goal. They tell me that it is normal to struggle and that they are ok with it. And that it's fine. They say if you give up then you will never achieve anything. Which is why I want to explain to you what giving up the struggle actually means.

Here are two examples to illustrate what the unhelpful kind of struggle looks like.

In example one, you are learning a new skill, like playing tennis, you love being outdoors and generally love sports. But as you attend lesson after lesson, you seem to be struggling in getting it right. Your progress is slow even compared to your friends and your goal of being able to play tennis effortlessly seems far. You check in with how you are feeling and you realize that at the end of each lesson, you feel fulfilled, happy and the adrenaline rush of playing a game even though you sucked at it is making you feel good. This kind of struggle is good. This kind of struggle is temporary. This kind of struggle is usually experienced when you are trying something new.

In example two, you are working in a role that you believe will help you get noticed and improve your future career prospects. But the role is not compatible to your strengths. And on top of that, it is a demanding role that keeps you away from your family and focusing on the other areas of your life. But you keep at it because you believe it will secure you and your family's future. You check in with how you are feeling and you realize that at the end of each day, you feel spent, exhausted, emotionally and physically. You feel unsatisfied and unhappy. This kind of struggle is the kind that you should not tolerate. This kind of struggle will keep you from ever reaching your goal. You might believe that it is worth it because once you reach your goal you will then be happy. But remember

" Unhappy journeys never have happy outcomes"

Instead, find a way to do something that is more fulfilling even if it doesn't seem like an important role to others. Leverage on your vibration alignment to source to attract the promotion or growth you so want instead of choosing an action that makes you feel unhappy.

When you are in vibration alignment to source, you feel good. When you feel good, you attract the best to your life. This is the shortest path to achieving all your goals.

I invite you to evaluate all the areas of your life and see where you need to give up on the struggle and take the path of least resistance.

You can reach me at to share your experience with struggle.

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