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Do you know money well enough?

We all want more money in our lives. Most of us go about earning, gathering and saving money by focusing all our energy on "action" by working hard, by struggling, by being smart perhaps, by putting in the hours and by managing the money that comes to us effectively.

Yet, for many of us, money doesn't come to us easily. It is because we are missing the most important piece of the puzzle which is the energetic part of our work to attract more money.

How we feel about money now is how we will feel about money in the future too no matter how much your income increases. Perhaps your expenses will increase more or perhaps you will make losses in your investments.

Until your relationship with money doesn't become healthy, you will never feel the ease of money coming into your life in buckets full.

There are specific characteristics about money that you all should understand so that you can have a positive relationship with money.

  • Money is energy. How you feel about money is how you will continue to feel about money.

  • Money loves to be appreciated. The more you appreciate every penny you spend the more money will want to come to you.

  • Money doesn't come to those who need it. Being needy is a sure way of pushing money away. Remember, how you feel about money now is how you will continue to feel about it.

  • There are unlimited amounts of money in your name, waiting to appear in your life.

  • Money loves to be respected and loved. Shower it with your love. Write love notes to it. Treat it well. Let it flow into your life.

  • When you save money out of fear or insecurity of not having enough one day, then you will experience the same. Save when you are inspired to. When it makes you feel good.

  • Money coming in is not linked to the career you choose, the tools you use to manage your money or your investments. It is directly related to how you think and feel about money.

Now that you understand that money responds to how you are feeling about it, here are a few examples of where you can get deliberate about the way you feel about money.

  • Choose to notice how much you have rather than how much you don't have.

  • If you think and feel that you are rich then you will get richer. If you think and feel that you are poor then you will get poorer.

  • Whenever you pay bills or do your finances, become conscious of how you are feeling. Find ways to feel happy about these tasks. Remember, how you feel about money now is how you will continue to feel about it.

  • Become aware of the story that is playing in your head regarding money in your life. Does this story make you feel good or bad? Tell a better story.

So, in essence, your relationship with money either sounds like

" I have a lot of money to be grateful for, money comes to me easily, I feel free, there is plenty where my money came from, all is well"


" There is never enough money, Money is always absent, I feel insecure and disappointment often due to lack of money"

I hope this inspires you to manage your thoughts and feelings about money better so that you can make next year the year you break all glass ceilings for your money goals.

Wishing you all the best.

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