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  • Nikky Dhillon

What came first ? Your reality or your story.

Recently, I have had some very interesting conversations with people who have shared their life experiences with me. Interestingly, their experiences in the same situation were very different to ours. ( My husband and mine)

As deliberate creators, we know that, what we believe to be true, what we pay attention to and what we share as our story or a narrative of what we call facts is ALWAYS a match to what we will experience in our reality.

Yet, most of us don't learn about this fundamental law that governs our very existence neither in our schools nor through our well-meaning parents. And so it is natural for most of you to believe that, what someone else tells you, what the news says and what you observe has to be what you will experience.

I am here to remind you that, that is so far away from the truth.

Infact, no matter what anyone says, no matter what you see around you and no matter what the facts say, you have the power in you to create the reality you want to experience.

I urge you to notice, what stories have you created in your life about your experience here on earth.

Stories like, " Money is difficult to earn or accumulate", " There is discrimination here on the basis of xyz", " People are out to get each other and pull each other down", " Life is hard" etc don't make you feel good no matter how much you feel it is the truth.

For the sake of feeling good in the present moment, change your narrative to one that feels good. With practice, your new story will start to feel more real than the old one. And then you will see magic in your life. Every experience you have will be a match to your new helpful beliefs and stories.

Empower yourself to create the life you want rather than be the victim of a life that happens to you.

You can reach me at for a more detailed chat on this subject.

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