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  • Nikky Dhillon

What to do when things start to spiral downwards in your life

Sometimes life throws at us one obstacle after another. It could be a failing business, poor health or financial troubles.

If you are experiencing one difficult situation after another, I invite you to reflect on your vibration. In other words, how have you been feeling? What have you been thinking?

Don't worry. This exercise is not to scare you about how you have knowingly or unknowingly attracted unwanted circumstances. On the contrary, it is to remind you that whatever you feel, think and believe is what happens in your life. And so, you have the control in your hands to turnaround any unwanted situation in your favour.

You can control what happens now. You have a fresh start every morning when you wake up.

You just need to understand and actually remember the process.

Step 1 - Get clear with what you want

Step 2 - How will you feel if you got it.

Step 3 - Allow it in by feeling that now.

Each step is crucial to the process. But if I had to elaborate on one step then it would have to be step 3.

It is because we get so caught up with our current reality that we are unable to access the feelings of great happiness and excitement that come while imagining that we have got what we want.

And that is why aiming for relief when you are stressed and unhappy is better than making a leap towards feeling excitement or happiness.

You can activate relief by changing the narrative about what is happening to you.

You can feel relief by noticing what is good in your life.

You can feel relief by practicing gratitude.

Some of the other things that you can do to feel relief is exercise, meditate, be in nature and make peace with your current circumstances.

Once you feel relief, Get out of the way.

Don't over think.

Don't think about the how's.

Keep it simple.

Imagine it is working out, talk about it as if it is working out.

Let the universe do the heavy lifting.

Your only job is to feel better.

I am eager to hear your stories of how you turned around adversity in your life. You can reach me at

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