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How to "act as if"

According to The Law of Attraction, we create the reality around us by what we are thinking, feeling and intending. In other words, what we attract to ourselves is a match to our current vibration.

So when you want to manifest something, when you really want something to happen or when you want to be in control of what experiences show up in your life then you must know how to get creative with your vibration. Remember, your vibration is the sum of your thoughts and feelings.

You can become a match to what you want when you can feel now the way you would feel if you got what you wanted.

I have listed a few examples of how you can act as if you already have what you want. I hope this inspires you to become aware of your point of attraction and become conscious of what you are vibrating with regards to the subject of your desire.

When you want to lose weight or get fitter, you can act as if you already are at your desired weight by

  • Feeling confident in your body now when you get dressed and go out.

  • By feeling beautiful and at peace with your body because remember, you already are at your ideal weight.

  • By enjoying what you eat because now you are just maintaining your ideal weight.

  • By not constantly checking your weight each morning because you know your body is already at its optimum weight.

  • By noticing that your clothes are becoming lose rather than noticing the ones that still don't fit.

  • By feeling proud and excited about reaching your goal weight instead of constantly trying and waiting to be at that weight.

Do you notice the difference in your vibration as you play this exercise? When you are focused on " Not being at your ideal weight yet", you might feel anxious, frustrated and under confident.

When you know that " You are at your ideal weight", you might feel proud, happy and at ease with your body.

When you want to get a new job, you can activate the act as if you already have vibration by

  • Finding ways to be excited about your current role. Remember, excited or eager to get to work is what you would feel when you get your ideal role. So feel it now to become  a match to your new role.

  • Start planning your wardrobe, routine and your new goals acting as if you already have received the offer letter.

  • Congratulate yourself for snapping up your ideal role and treat yourself to something special. Remember, the better you feel now, the better a match you are to what you want.

  • You could even draft an offer letter and email it to yourself, print it and sign it to send it back to HR. Or use a previous one and change the role.

The idea is to make it feel as real as you can. The more you think that you have got the job, the more you will believe it. And once you believe it with certainty, it has to be yours. That is the Law.

When you want to attract more money, you can activate the act as if you already have vibration by

  • Feeling at peace with your current financial situation, because remember you already have more money than you ever imagined so naturally you will be at peace now.

  • Thank the universe/god for the amazing things you can buy now with the money you do have. Appreciating what you have sets you up to attract more of the same.

  • When you decide not to spend money on a certain thing, say to yourself that you are being wise with your money, instead of saying it's because you don't have enough of it

  • Watch what you say about money to yourself and others. If you have all the money you need then would you be telling others or yourself that you don't have enough?

  • Every time you pay a bill, give thanks that you are able to pay that bill because you are wealthy.

  • Activate the feelings of peace, gratitude and ease instead of worry, fear or doubt.

Do these exercises playfully and if doubt comes up then release the unhelpful thought behind that feeling gently. And keep up with the feeling of

" You already have it"

Feel free to reach out to me at I am here to support you in which ever way I can.

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