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The secret to a successful manifestation

The secret that I want to share with you that will help you have a successful manifestation every single time, is not something that you have to do on the outside. It is actually on the inside. It is to do with your Emotional guidance system.

As I have mentioned in my earlier posts, our emotions are our own unique internal guidance system that shows to us where we stand in relation to what we want.

In other words, are we aligned to what we want or to what we don't want?

When you think about what you want, are you thinking about it not being there in your life or are you thinking about, now that it is here, what will you do with it?

Are you thinking about the lack of your desire, the waiting of your manifestation or are you thinking about life when you have what you want.

Sometimes it gets confusing to monitor our thoughts all the time. Which is why it is much easier to just be aware of how we are feeling.

If we are feeling excited and happy thinking about what we want then the universe has to deliver to us what we want. On the other hand, if we are feeling, frustration, stress or anxiousness about what we want then we are not a match to what we want.

Your emotions or the feelings that your emotions generate are an accurate and reliable way to know whether you are a match to what you want or not.

It's like the time we wanted to sell one of our apartments overseas that was under dispute, we just decided that we " Know" it is selling anytime now and that is how we talked about it and planned for it. As a result we were consistently feeling happy, excited and eager about the sale. When we became a sure match to what we want, the universe had to arrange for our reality to reflect our new state of being and the sale happened effortlessly and easily.

Rarely should a delayed manifestation ever surprise you when you have been consistently aware of how you are feeling about the showing up of your desire.

So evaluate how have you been feeling about what you have been waiting to manifest. Tune into your own Emotional guidance system. Your emotions are communicating to you all the time. They tell you if you are headed towards what you want or the other way around.

When you appreciate and give thanks for what you have now, when you feel love for yourself or others, when you feel excited about what is to come and when you are at peace with what you have, you are then in a state of flow. It is then that your manifestations pick up speed. and everything you ever wanted starts to show up in your life.

I invite you to tune in to your emotions and let them guide you towards what you want.

You can reach me at for a more personalized evaluation of what could be keeping your manifestations at bay.

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