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Do you feel low sometimes, I do!

Most people who know me or have interacted with me know that I am a very optimistic and positively focused person.

I tend to my vibration diligently and consistently experience joy and happiness in my life.

But in this post, I am going to also share with you about the times when I don't feel that good. And yes, I do get the blues too.

As a deliberate creator, you could make the rookie mistake of thinking that any negative emotion is bad and will position you to attract unpleasant things in your life.

Well, I am here to tell you that it is not so.

In fact, the negative emotions are the way in which our internal guidance system communicates with us. It is yet another opportunity for us to learn how to interpret this message from our higher self. When I feel a negative emotion I know that I am focused on something that displeases me and these negative emotions are a sign that I need to redirect my point of focus.

It could be that a friend was unappreciative or that a family member triggered me or that a big unexpected bill showed up.

Sometimes it could be a health scare or a stranger making a remark that makes me question my life choices.

In all these examples, the negative feelings that follow are my responsibility to deal with and eventually release.

My negative feelings reveal to me two very important things.

One is what kind of thoughts are playing in my head and the second one is the state of my relationship with myself.

So this is what I do when I am feeling low.

  1. Self talk - I take some time out to have a chat with myself. I talk to myself in third person using my name and it has been proven by scientists that doing so, helps in being more objective yet empathetic towards ourselves. I question myself about the narrative that is going on in my head regarding the situation that is making me feel sad.

  2. Self care - I deliberately choose to do things for myself that make me feel good. It could be a stroll or a vigorous workout or a nice cup of coffee, a nap or a chat with a trusted friend.

  3. Self value - I use affirmations and meditation to remind myself of my value. I nurture the connection I feel with source/universe/god and that always makes me feel good.

  4. Keep it simple - To avoid over thinking and analyzing the situation from every angle, I remind myself to keep it simple. If my mind is buzzing with a multitude of thoughts, I bring back control by focusing on my breath and chanting my affirmations reminding me to keep it simple.

  5. Stay in the present - Either what is upsetting me has already happened and is in the past or whatever is worrying me has not yet happened and is in the future. I consciously choose to focus on the present by staying grounded in the now. I do that by being mindful of whatever I am doing right now. This helps me release the negative emotions that I am feeling.

These steps are self-taught and tried and tested time and time again by me. They really work for me and whomsoever I have shared them with.

I hope that you give them a try when you are feeling low the next time.

Being present to serve you is my life's purpose so I look I forward to hearing from you.

You can reach me at

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