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Why you should be grateful for the difficult times?

Life is not meant to be happy and awesome all the time. There are peaks and valleys in our life in all its areas. Whether it is in our health, finances or relationships, we will at times experience abundance in these areas and sometimes we will experience challenges in these areas.

But here is the interesting part, you can use the challenging times to understand the deliberate creating process even more and use that contrast or difficult time to get clear with what you want in every area of your life.

Another assuring part about going through a difficult situation in your life is that it actually is an opportunity for you to attract more of what you want. I know that sounds weird but let me explain.

It is called the rubber band theory. Imagine a rubber band or elastic band being stretched and pulled with resistance one way and then you release it, deliberately and quickly. What happens? The band goes flying in the other direction.

So when you are deep in contrast and going through very challenging times in your life, KNOW that once you get clear with what you DO want to experience and then get aligned to what you want, you will not only overcome that challenging experience but also attract more of the good stuff in bucket loads in your life.

Now if you are someone who is in the midst of heavy contrast and are clear with what you want then the next step is to get "Aligned "with it.

Get aligned with what you want and your circumstances will change really fast.

To refresh your memory,

Alignment is when you are feeling what you would feel if you had what you want.

Here are important ways in which you can get aligned right now.

  1. Figure out a way to focus on what makes you feel better than what makes you feel anxious, stressed, sad or fearful. Pay attention to what is right in your life rather than the things that are going wrong. Hold that attention for as long as you can. Of course if you are managing a difficult situation, you might have to take certain action steps to fix that issue. But if you can find a way to focus on what pleases you about your life then you can feel some relief right away.

  2. Take your emotions seriously. Remember what you think and feel is what you attract more of. Find a way to feel better even while you are in the midst of contrast.

  3. Loosen the grip on reality. Don't get too rigid in your narrative of what is happening to you. For example, if you are overworked and finding it difficult to finish everything that you are meant to do at work, then say " Work is busy but I have a handle over everything and it is getting easier each day" instead of " I am overwhelmingly busy at work and it's stressful doing so many things at the same time" One narrative makes you feel better and one makes you feel worse. One adds more energy towards what you don't want and one leaves room for the universe to deliver what you prefer and want.

  4. Reminding yourself of the deliberate creation process can help in your alignment. Remind yourself that your reality can change at a moments notice. All you need to do is find a way to feel better now. And then things will get better which will make it easier for you to feel even better. Take responsibility for your alignment.

  5. Change your mind to change your reality - If you observe that there is a pattern of challenging circumstances that you are constantly attracting, then you need to take more drastic steps to change how you respond to these events. You see our body gets addicted to the emotions that we are habituated to feel so even though consciously we want to think positive and feel better, our brain jeopardizes our effort by falling back to the old thought patterns. The way to change this old operating system and attract a better future is to meditate daily and create a new identity for yourself. I have written more about meditation here.

I encourage you to use the contrast that you are facing, to create a better life for yourself. There is no need for you to stay stuck in that uncomfortable place for too long. Leverage the power of the universe to move out of this contrast and live your best life. There is hope and things will get better. I promise you. Feel better first, change your focus and change your mind and you will be in the most optimum position to attract the good stuff.

You can reach me at for more support if you need it.

Serving you is my life's purpose.

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