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  • Nikky

Make what you want more real for yourself.

Over the years, after trying to manifest many different things for myself and my family, I have come to believe and practice that until I can make what I want to manifest seem more real to me than what I observe and experience in my reality, nothing will change for me.

Dr Joe Dispenza, explains the science behind the mechanics of manifesting and tells us when we practice the scene of living our manifestation day after day, then our mind and body start to believe that it has already happened. It is then that the universe can bring to us what we want. In quantum physics, it is defined as the observer effect. What we observe is what we create and attract.

But if during our daily life what we are observing is the lack of money, love or opportunities then that is what we will attract more of.

So those of you who are stressed and busy will continue to be stressed and busy.

Those that are experiencing lack of abundance will continue to experience the same.

And those that are experiencing one bad relationship after another will continue to attract the similar kind of relationships.

To create a future different from your present, you have to be different. And like anything else, this requires some investment of time and effort to practice being different.

To make it easy for you, I have put together a list of practices that you can do daily to change your blueprint. Change what you observe, what you think, what you imagine and what you talk about.

  • Scripting - Talk about what you want more often and more in detail than talking about what you have observed or experienced that you don't like. Be mindful of your negative bias and practice talking about what you want more regularly.

  • Meditate - Meditate daily, while you are on the train or bus, just before you sleep, before you watch telly or right after you wake up each morning. You can download any of the meditation apps now available to get you started on guided meditation. In your meditation, imagine in detail about what you want for yourself. Immerse yourself in that scene. Do it daily. Go to that same scene over and over again.

  • Observe the reality you prefer - Read the news that uplifts you, talk to people that make you feel positive, give yourself the gift of good news each day and each moment. What is the good news in this moment for you?

  • Tell the story the way you want it to be for you rather than how it is for everyone - Too often I hear people talk about how high the mortgage is, how difficult it is to get jobs, how unsafe the world is, how difficult life is etc. If you want to deliberately create a life that you want rather than let life happen to you then you have to tell the story that serves you and create your own path where everything works in your favor. So talk about how the people you encounter are wonderful, talk about why you love where you live and talk about how lucky you are in various ways.

  • Journal - If you find writing is your preferred way of creating more focus in your life then write about what you desire as if it has already happened. There is a whole process based on this kind of journal called Pray Rain Journal.

I invite you to start practicing your new identity by adding the above processes to your daily routine.

My husband and I consciously do this everyday around the subject of our children, our finances, our relationships and our view of the world.

This is not to say we don't vent or acknowledge the negative feelings and thoughts that come up as we navigate through life. But we are conscious of the fact that it does not take long for negative thoughts and feelings to become a pattern which is why doing these exercises to strengthen our muscle of positive focus is very important to us.

You can reach me at for more tools and stories to help you get started in creating more happiness and joy in your life.

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