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  • Nikky

What do you think of yourself?

I am very passionate about the relationship I have with myself. My life purpose is to help and teach you, one person at a time, to have a healthy and loving relationship with yourself. So what do you think of yourself? And yes I do believe that this particular relationship is not a given. Most of us lose the connection we have with ourselves when we were very young. And when we enter adulthood we are thrust into the world not knowing who we are. That makes navigating through life much harder. We do evolve as we grow older but the fundamentals of staying in touch with yourself remain the same. A good indication of this connection or relationship with yourself is that you display any or all of these behaviors.

  • You use self-talk frequently to make yourself feel better about a given situation.

  • You don't get triggered by how others perceive you or judge you because you know who you are very well.

  • You use your strengths to your advantage and own up to your weaknesses without being unkind to yourself.

  • You don't hesitate to ask for help when you feel overwhelmed or stressed.

  • You establish healthy boundaries in your relationships letting your loved ones know confidently about how you would like to be treated.

  • You do not seek approval from others while making decisions

  • You do not tolerate being disrespected by others, be it your spouse, boss or friend.

  • You aim to create harmony in your relationships because you know that they contribute to your happiness.

  • You know how to make yourself happy.

  • You prioritize your self-care routines and schedule " Me time" along with the multitude of responsibilities that occupy your daily life.

  • You know what your internal fears are and work at managing them.

  • You don't feel guilty about deliberately doing nice things for yourself.

  • You don't beat yourself up for getting it wrong or for failing.

  • You can always find something to appreciate in your physical self when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Go through this list at least twice, and assess for yourself if there is room for improvement in the relationship you have with yourself. I am still work in progress and do get challenged every now and then. But knowing how to get back to loving yourself is key to a happy fulfilled life. What you think of yourself influences your vibration and therefore the quality of your life. If you wish to have my support while you establish routines and practices that help you love yourself more then reach out to me at

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