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Raise your vibration by improving your appreciation skills

I love appreciating. It is so simple to do and yet it can lift my vibration immediately. And best of all the more you do it the more you want to do it.

As the Law of attraction brings to you more of what you are feeling now. It is obvious then, that the more you appreciate the more you will have reason to appreciate.

If this is true why do most people find it hard to appreciate what they have or what they observe?

In my personal experience, observation of others behavior patterns and my own research, here are some of the reasons why you might find it hard to stay in the vibration of appreciation for longer periods of time. I stress the duration of the time because a fleeting appreciation of something pleasant in your life does not have enough momentum in itself to create an impact in our inner or outer world. You have to be able to make it a habit to appreciate consistently and deeply for it to have an impact.

So what is stopping you?

  • Living in the past - Could it be that you are living in the past. You are stuck in a past event if you are remembering, talking about it or reliving it in anyway even if it was just yesterday when you experienced something unpleasant. When we get stuck in the past then energetically we are unable to look for things in our present moment that we can appreciate.

  • Survival instinct - Our brain is wired to look at worse case scenario and focus on what is wrong. This is our survival instinct that kept us alive at one point. As the world around us has evolved from the cave man days so must we. We can override this instinct by training our brain to pay attention to the smallest thing that we can appreciate in our lives.

  • You have a " Poor me" syndrome - When you are accustomed to focusing and thinking about what is wrong in your life, you could be suffering from the victim mentality which could easily be hidden from your awareness. The payoff for feeling that " you are the victim" of circumstances that are hard on you is that you can gather sympathy from your loved ones or you could gather more support from others. But the truth is only you can alleviate your suffering by establishing the healthy habit of appreciation in your daily life. ( I too have had to deal with my "Poor me " syndrome and have been much happier once I was able to take responsibility for my feelings)

  • Lack of belief - One big reason that a lot of people don't appreciate is they don't really believe that a small habit like that of appreciating can make a difference in their lives. After all, why make the effort to appreciate when nothing will really change in your life if you do it.

  • You are too busy - In our very busy lives, it is easy to lose focus on appreciating and get sucked into the " To do " lists and the business of living our lives. This is an excuse that holds many of us back.

  • You have NO self care routines and practices - When you have not invested in nurturing the relationship you have with yourself, it is easy to spiral downwards and start feeling really depressed. When you are vibrating at such a low frequency, it will be difficult for you to access higher vibrations like appreciation. So first you need to get your self care practices in place and raise your vibration and then only can you establish healthy habits of appreciation.

Here are some examples of how I have appreciated what I have when there is more reason to pay attention to what I don't have. And today I have whatever I ever wanted. And guess what I am not done. As life moves forward what we want changes and grows so you are never really be done.

As a young adult, when my existence and identity was threatened by the way I was treated by those who were my primary carers, I appreciated the fact that I was my best friend.

When I had no friends in a new country, I lifted my vibe by appreciating the blue sky and green grass which was in abundance.

When I had very little money, I appreciated the love I had with my small but close family.

I regularly appreciate the trees, the blue sky, the flowers, the wonderful people around me, my beautiful brown eyes. the rainbows I see every day under the skylight in my bathroom ( I think it's how the sunlight falls on the shower cubicle), this beautiful country, the technology that helps me stay connected, the delicious coffee I have daily, the beautiful food I get to eat and so on.

Brain science proves what the Law of Attraction implies in the sense that when you deliberately focus on the things that you appreciate in your life then your brain creates a virtuous cycle which then makes your brain look for more things to appreciate in your life.

I invite you to establish this healthy vibe lifting habit of appreciation no matter what your life circumstances are. You will not only feel good now, in your present moment but it will also help you attract the very best in life.

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