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Create a new life with just one new habit

If I could motivate you to adopt one new habit as a deliberate creator to create the life that you want then that would be "meditation".

You see, we all are accustomed to living in the past. So we wake up in the morning, get ourselves ready, perhaps take care of our family members, go to work, run errands, drive our kids around, organise dinner and so on.

And we do this day after day. As a result, the way we feel is exactly the way we were feeling the previous day. And you know, what you feel is what you attract. To break this cycle and to intentionally set a new thought pattern, a new identity and consequently new feelings, you have to break into the operating system of our mind, body and consciousness.

The way we tap into our operating system and alter it is through " Meditation".

So when you meditate deeply and consistently focusing on one potential that you want to create in your life then the result would be a new you. This new you will then wake up and perhaps do the same things as earlier but will start to have a memory of how it feels to live the life you desire through the process you followed during your meditation. That memory will alert you to change the way you feel each day. As you start to get comfortable with being the person that has everything going for you, you become a magnet for good things and the right opportunities.

Keep in mind that you have to change first, and then your life will change.

You can learn more about the meditation that I do which has helped me manifest a free trip to Spain and London, manifest the sale of our home, manifest out of the blue money, manifest a new beautiful house and many more things. Here is the affiliate link for it.

If you need more support to help you create this new identity that has a rocking life filled with everything you have ever desired, then reach out to me and I can share many more tools that I know will help you make that shift.

You can reach me at

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