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  • Nikky Dhillon

The gift of the "Doldrums"

The "doldrums" is a popular nautical term that refers to the belt around the Earth near the equator where sailing ships sometimes get stuck on windless waters. And that's why they call it the doldrums.

In other words, when there is nothing much taking off in your life when things seem stagnated or gloomy, then you are experiencing the doldrums.

I have many times experienced the doldrums and know many of you might have also experienced them at some point or other.

I have now become really good at navigating through life while being in the doldrums.

You see doldrums are the perfect opportunity to do what you would normally not have enough resources to do. By resources I mean " time". So during periods of not much happening in your life, It's good to invest in yourself and in nurturing the connection you have with your inner self.

Here are some of the things you could focus on while you are waiting for what you desire to show up. These things will not only distract you from waiting for the winds to pick up your sail but also help you enjoy the downtime.

  • Set new habits for yourself. The doldrums are a good time to get disciplined in setting new useful habits for yourself. Like exercising daily or meditating or drinking a litre of water per 22 kilos of your weight and any other good habit that you want to adopt.

  • Increase the power of your focus. It is easier to be upbeat and optimistic when things are going good and when you are busy. It's during the stagnant times when nothing much is moving that you really require to be optimistic and at peace. Use the power of your focus to pay deliberate attention to what is good in your life right now.

  • If you are waiting to get your ideal job, then focus on strengthening your relationship with yourself and your loved ones. Nurture these relationships. Give them some thought and energy to improve their quality.

  • If you are waiting for your ideal relationship then focus on your job, your passion and pursue that with the intention of enjoying the present moment.

  • If you are waiting for both then devote all your time and attention to going inwards and learning more about yourself. Connect to your higher self. Walk barefoot, learn yoga, meditate and learn how to manage your energy by signing up for courses or working with a coach.

  • Learn a new skill. Whether it's a skill that will enhance your role in your career or it's a skill that adds to the quality of your life. The doldrums are the perfect time to invest in yourself.

  • And finally, take this downtime to get clear with what you really want in life and why. Journal your inner observations and etch out the details of the life you want to create. The universe can only bring to you what you are excited and expect to receive so enjoy writing the details of your desires.

For sailors, when they hit the doldrums, they usually are assigned tasks like polishing the deck and getting cross skilled in the various tasks involved in being on a boat. They know that much of this can't happen when the wind has picked up. Similarly, you have to make the most of your life's doldrums.

Guiding you in creating the life you want is my joy so don't hesitate reaching out to me at

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