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Things I wish I knew ......

There are some things that you learn which are essential to living a good quality of life and that I only learnt as an adult.

I wish I had learnt these earlier and I am conscious of them as I raise my children.

These are the things that no one tells you while you were growing up. But if you knew them you would have benefited from them.

I am sharing with you what I have learnt as an adult and wished I would have known as a teenager or as a child even.

  1. You need to be alone and in silence to discover who you really are.

  2. That to make any relationship work in your life you have to make an effort to have a healthy, loving, supportive relationship with yourself first. No one can make you happy but yourself.

  3. That money is energy and that loving it and finding ways to see it everywhere rather than noticing it is lacking all the time trains you to attract more.

  4. That I have to recognise my value. My job, my role, my stay at home mum status, the way I look or how much I earn has nothing to do with my value. I am valuable because I am an extension of source, this universe or god.

  5. I was never taught to trust my gut, my intuition and my inner guidance. I know now, that what we feel as a nudge, a gut feeling or intuition is actually the universe guiding us towards our well being.

  6. I never learnt to stop eating when I was full. Tuning into how you feel while you eat and after you finish a meal is your body's way of communicating about the foods and quantity that is right for you.

  7. I was never told that I should not wait for any one person to come and rescue me from my miserable state and that I alone can rescue myself and make myself feel better. This thought even though might seem scary at first is actually very liberating because once you accept that only you have the power and the know how to make yourself feel better, then you will be ready to learn the various ways in which you could connect to your higher self and then feel better.

  8. I wish I knew earlier that there is no one goal in life that will bring me happiness and that more money can't make me feel secure, more love can't make me feel more loved and no material thing can give me long lasting happiness. Happiness is an internal state of mind that comes with the little things you do everyday like being grateful and focusing on what's good about your life.

  9. That being successful is not being the best at what you do rather enjoying what you do while you are doing it. That being successful is not a destination but a journey that feels fulfilling and joyful.

  10. That your beliefs are shaping your reality and you have the power to change the beliefs that don't serve you well.

  11. That your thoughts and feeling about everything around you and about what is happening to you decides what will continue to show up in your life. What you think, feel and believe is what you attract in your life.

  12. People are not good or bad. You attract the version of them that is active in you when you interact with them. Expect the best out of everyone.

I hope some of these lessons resonate with you and you are able to use them to improve the quality of the moments that make up your life.

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