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  • Nikky Dhillon

Become aware of the Power of your Focus.

One of the most important skills for a deliberate creator is the " Power of your focus".

This skill only gets better with practice. I don't mean just casual practice of this skill but a dedication to always pay attention to what is working, what gives you pleasure and what you like.

The word that I have learnt to describe this dedication is devotion. You have to be devoted to getting better at focusing on what you want and like about your life and get really bad at focusing on what you don't like.

Here is an exercise for you to gauge where your focus lies.

  1. First, you list, what you love about your life?

  2. Then, you make a list of what you don't like about your life? Be honest.

  3. Now, make a list of what do you really want for yourself in your life?

  4. Then take a deep breath, and become aware of what you focus on in your day to day life? What do you talk about, pay attention to, discuss on a daily basis? What brings up strong emotions for you?

  5. Is the excitement and happiness that you feel noticing what is good about your life stronger or are the emotions that come up when you talk about what is missing in your life and what is not right in your life stronger.

Your power of focus determines what shows up in your life.

In other words what you pay attention to and what brings up strong emotions is what will continue to show up in your life.

To conclude, become more conscious of your point of focus as that is what creates the reality that you experience.

" Meditation" is the best tool to raise your awareness about what you are paying attention to and it brings to surface what you really want to focus on instead.

You can reach me at for support on your own personal journey to manifest what you do want for yourself.

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