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When reality doesn't match what you had intended

I have a story to share with you. Recently, when my husband and I went to France for the first time, we experienced the Law of Attraction at play at many points during our holiday.

One such experience was when we went to see the Chateau Versailles on the outskirts of Paris. We had heard a lot about this Palace as it is now called and wanted to have the experience of a guided tour of the Palace so we could learn more about it's history, stories and relevance.

Unfortunately, we had only purchased the entry tickets through their website. With only those tickets in hand, we took the train from Paris to Versailles constantly affirming to ourselves that " We will find a guide who could give us a guided tour"

When we reached Versatile I found out from a local tour operator that since we had already purchased our tickets from the Palace's website, no private tour company could give us a guide. He suggested we go to the Palace and ask the information desk there, to give us a guide.

I felt hopeful.

Then as we approached the long winding line to get into the Palace, I thought since we have the tickets I am glad I am not standing in this long line. The weather was starting to get worse and it had started to rain. We had a small umbrella between the two of us and we were freezing.

When we tried to enter the Palace we were told that we have to stand in line just like everyone else and that everyone in the line had also got tickets to enter with them. I was very upset. I threw a small fit of anger with my husband at their poor management. And I could see this trip to the palace going down the drain with no hope of a guided tour and having to face such rough weather while we waited in that line for a good half an hour.

After a few minutes of feeling angry and upset, we tried to cheer each other and decided to take charge of how we were feeling irrespective of the reality. We started to joke around to lighten the grim mood, even managed to cheer ourselves up enough to sing a few songs together and generally goof around. We counted our blessings, no kids with us in the rain, we had each other, we had a good Parisian lunch earlier in the day etc

Anyway once we entered the Palace we approached the desk and to our surprise were told that there was a tour leaving in a few minutes and that we had to go to another desk to meet the guide. We were thrilled. When we met our guide, she told us that it was just the two of us on the tour. We were even happier and in fact, since she was assigned to us by the palace and not a private tour company, she was able to take us through secret doors and tunnels and show us areas of the Palace that were not accessible to the other tourists. We got all her attention and she shared so much information about the context of this beautiful Palace that we felt transported to a different era. We were away from the crowds and got an opportunity to see the various rooms from the inside of the tourist barricade rather than outside along with the other tourists. We felt special and thoroughly enjoyed our tour.

So this is what this story reminds me of the Law of Attraction

  • The story is never over until you say so.

  • You can choose how you want to feel irrespective of your current reality

  • The universe will always and I repeat always give you what is a match to your vibration (thoughts and feelings) and your intentions.

  • Don't let your current unwanted reality discourage you from sticking to the vision of your intended reality.

  • Keep it light and simple. Stay happy in the present.

  • Make peace with the now.

And yes you can make peace with your present and yet want a different future. In other words, you can choose to be happy in the now and be clear about what you want to experience in the near future.

Reach out to me at nikky@happydayscoaching for more tips on how to manifest what you want and get happy now.

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