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  • Nikky Dhillon

The power of doing nothing.

Do you ever do nothing?

Not watch something, not read, not write, just sit or lie and do nothing.

Yes, you get thoughts, and at first, they are fast and furious - lists, things to do, people to respond to, people to take care of, business to attend to but if you just be patient and continue to sit through it. You will sense your thoughts slowing down and eventually, you can feel the space in your head.

Then you start to become aware of where you are, how you feel in your body, what can you smell now, see now, feel now. And yes then all the feelings that you have been lately trying to suppress start to come up. And when that happens you might have a flight or fight response which means you will want to abandon this exercise and get up and get busy or you will try to suppress the emotions that are coming up.

Usually one does that because you are scared of where these emotions will take you. But sit with these feelings. Acknowledge them. In fact, acknowledge them aloud.

Say - I am feeling sad or angry or whatever else comes up for you.

Then ask what are these feelings trying to tell you about how you feel about yourself ? What are these feelings telling you about your inner dialogue with yourself ?

Check your chain of thought behind these strong feelings. Release the thoughts that don’t serve you. Choose to be loving towards yourself. Choose to recognise your own goodness and divineness.

Take a deep breath.

Take three deep breathes and with each in-breath say, “ I am loved” and with each

out-breath say “ I release all my anger/grief/ worry/stress/fear etc”

Come on just a bit longer. Keep sitting or lying, doing nothing , Keep your attention on your breath. Feel a white beautiful light wash over you, engulf you like in an embrace. Take strength and love from this warm embrace.

And if you want to drift off to sleep. Or you can get up now and do an activity that gives you joy.

I intend that you enjoy this exercise. You should do this daily. It helps to release stuck emotions. It helps to connect to the present and your higher self.

If you don’t enjoy this exercise the first time, try it again and do it at least a few times and see where it takes you.

And also if no emotions come up for you that just means you need to sit a bit longer doing nothing, really absolutely nothing at all without any distractions, without any expectations, without any judgement of your self and what you are experiencing.

You can reach out to me at to share your personal experiences or you can write in the comments below.

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