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Scripting to align to what you want

I personally love scripting. If you are someone who enjoys building a story and getting creative to add details that make it feel real. Then scripting as a process to manifest what you want will be very effective. There is something magical that happens when you declare to the universe that you have what you want. If you can ignore your inner gremlins ( That, negative chatter) and focus on what you are loving about having what you wanted and desired for so long even if, in reality you haven't got what you want yet, then that is a very effective way of aligning to your desires.

In scripting, you talk about what you want to manifest as if it has already happened.

The two ways you can script is either by scheduling in some time to talk about your desire as if it has already happened, perhaps when you wake up or just before you sleep. You can do this with someone who understands energy alignment or even with someone who is just happy to play along with you.

The other way I script is, whenever the thought of what I want pops into my head, I start talking about it as if it has already happened. Initially, when I think about what I really want, I usually am also very aware that it has not come to me yet. But as I script about it through the day and every day, it starts to blur the line between my current reality and the one where I have what I want.

I talk about how my desire feels now that I have it, how much fun I am having, what life looks like, what I am doing now that I have what I want and any other detail that gets me excited.

When I actually start scripting and really feeling in my heart as if it is already a done deal and I have got what I want, then the manifestation is not far as that is pure alignment or the sweet spot that attracts to you what you want.

So before, we actually got our visa to move to Australia which was my big desire, I scripted about it as if I had already got the visa.

Before I got free tickets to travel to Spain and back, I talked about it and planned for it as if it was already finalized that we are going.

Before I found out I was pregnant with a baby girl, I scripted about her being the baby girl that I so desired.

Before my baby started sleeping through the night, I scripted daily about how well she sleeps.No matter what the reality was, I still talked about it as if she sleeps through the night. And guess what, by 8 weeks old she was sleeping for 12 hours straight through the night, waking up only once at 10 pm for a night feed. Any parents dream baby!

I hope you understand how powerful scripting is to help you manifest what you want. The best part about scripting is that once you are in the flow of it, it makes you feel fantastic in the present moment too.

And as you know, happy in the now, and excited about the future is the best balance of energy to create the life you desire.

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