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Life skill - Storytelling

One of the skills that will make you a better manifestor and creator of your life is Storytelling.

You see, as we navigate through life with all its ups and downs and unknowns, it is the skill of storytelling that will help you improve your focus on what you want rather than on what you don't want. It is especially useful when you are faced with an unwanted experience in your reality.

Storytelling goes hand in hand with pivoting. Let me explain, as you wake up every morning and you probably are unconsciously telling yourself the story of how your day will be going, based on how your day went yesterday and the day before that and so on. In that way, you are setting yourself up for either a point of attraction that attracts a good day to you or a bad day to you depending on the story that is going on in your head.

You then observe whats happening around you in the form of how your family is behaving, or treating you, the news, other people and generally the experiences of that morning. When things are going good, the story that you feedback to yourself is good. But when things are not going your way or you are experiencing unwanted things then it is easy to start telling a story that makes you feel bad or even worse.

It is during those times that, you need to use your creative skills and pivot to

tell a story about that situation that makes you feel better.

You don't have to jump to feeling super positive when you are facing a difficult situation but atleast if you can pivot towards what is positive about that situation, then you could start to feel better.

Here are some examples from my life where telling a better story by pivoting towards what is good about that situation has helped me feel better.

  • When an unexpectedly big dentist bill came up, instead of fretting and being upset, I told myself and others, I am lucky I do have the money to pay this bill.

  • When a family member excluded me from the fun they were having, I told myself we were a mismatch and the universe has my back and therefore only sends those people in my life that appreciate me and love me.

  • When my house that has been on the market for a while doesn't sell, I tell myself and others that when it does finally happen it will be at the best price.

  • When my car has an accident and the tyre bursts, I tell myself atleast no one got hurt.

Remember, you tell a story that makes you feel better, because feeling better, makes you attract more of what you want. The better you feel, the better your life will become. Not the other way round where you are waiting for your life to get better so that you feel better.

Storytelling and pivoting in any situation is a skill and like any other skill, you only get better at it by practicing daily. What are you practicing daily? Telling the story that makes you feel worse even if it is your reality or telling the story that makes you feel good even if it is not true yet.

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