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How to be the lucky one?

As a child I was labeled by my parents as hypersensitive. I felt bad often. I would have very little toleration for being treated badly. I didn't know how to suppress what I was feeling. I felt all the emotions with more intensity than my sister or the other kids I knew. As I became older, I started to read books that gave me tools to manage my emotions better. The tools I learnt did not teach me to suppress or hide my feelings but instead to use them to work for me rather than against me.

Even the teachers of The Law of Attraction say that being in tune with how you are feeling is key to better manifesting and to climb up the emotional guidance scale which is a scale that depicts emotions starting right at the bottom at despair, grief and powerlessness to right at the top where you are feeling joy, love and appreciation.

As I got better at recognizing what I was feeling and why I was feeling it ( the story and the thoughts behind those feelings) , I was able to refocus and retell the story that was playing in my mind to make myself feel better.

As I started to feel better and better. Things in my life steadily and consistently improved. Today many people who don't know my internal journey look at my life and call it luck. They say I am lucky. Which by the way I am because it feels good to believe that about myself.

But the big reason why things work out for me and why life is good for me is because I don't take my feelings for granted.

This is my message to you, so that you too can live the life that you deserve and want.

Tune into how you are feeling. Recognize what is bringing you down.

Get rid of the things and people that make you feel low or if you can't do that then at the least change how you feel about them.

Eliminate tolerations in your life.

If being too busy is bogging you down, clear your calendar.

If your job is making you miserable, look for a new one or find a way to make peace with the current one.

If the news makes you sad or scared stop watching it.

If doing certain things to please family members or friends brings you down, don't do them.

I can't stress enough on the importance of feeling good to attract the life you want.

I can promise you if you prioritize how you are feeling day to day and keep climbing up on the emotional guidance scale to joy, love and appreciation, your life will not be the same again ever. You will be like a beacon of light attracting the very best for yourself.

I wish you all the best in making this the year, when you put yourself and how you feel first.

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