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Dear money ....

Today I want to talk to you about money. Yes that very sensitive topic that is on everyone's mind but no one really talks about it. Whether you want more, or you want to manage what you have more effectively or whether you are in debt or want to win the lotto, I can share with you here what I have learnt about money.

Money like anything else in our lives is just energy. Somehow as we were growing up, we formed certain beliefs around money and these beliefs make up the foundation of our relationship with money. And yes we have a energetic relationship with money just like we have with our inner being or our kids or are partners.

When I initially started to reflect on my relationship with money I realized I didn't have one. I would think money is something I get or earn. Moreover, everytime I thought of money certain predictable emotions would surface - feelings of insecurity, feelings of not enough and secondary feelings of anxiousness. I then started to be more conscious of how I was thinking and feeling about money. And I quickly realized as I would give love and positive feelings to money, it would return the love by showing up unexpectedly in my life.

Lately however, I had slipped up in my relationship with money. So I wrote a letter to money yesterday with the intention to make amends with it.

As you read this letter, it will give you a better idea of how to develop your own relationship with money.

Remember, money is just energy, how you feel about it is how it will treat you.

Dear money,

I am sorry money I have been really rude to you. I haven’t had good feelings about you for a while. Most of the times I am avoiding thinking of you because I don’t feel good when I think of you.

I want you to know that you are important to me and I haven’t ever told you this but I think you are really special. I know you are acting all strange around me because I haven’t given you any love.

All this is going to change right now. At least from my side I want to make the effort of showing you some love. More importantly feeling love for you. The kind of love I feel for my kids, the kind that is unconditional, the kind I feel when my kids don’t hug me back and I still feel for them. Because they are part of who I am.

Similarly, you are a part of me. A special, giving, supportive , ever present friend. I promise to be kinder to you by talking and thinking about you kindly.

I promise to treat you well by taking care of you. By thanking and acknowledging you every time I buy something using you.

I promise to send you love each day in my meditation and every time you come in my thoughts. This one will really make a difference in our relationship because lately every time I have thought of you I have felt upset and angry. And I am sure you must have felt it. I am sorry.

I do this with no expectations, just unconditionally. Thank you for giving me the best experiences of my life. Thank you for looking out for me and for having my back always.

Love Nikky

Update -As I took a break from writing this post and revisited our personal finances that I was working on last night for our projected budget for next year, I came to realize that I have extra money coming in that I had not accounted for that we can use each month...... Woohoo... that was fast and easy. I love you money, so much that my heart is bursting with it. You are the best.

Ok now its your turn. Get a pen and write a letter. You might be, for the first time in your life establishing this very unique relationship with money. So make it special. Take out some quiet time. Get your special journal out and pour your heart out to money. Write to me at and tell me what happens in your life.

Remember to do it for the sake of your relationship with money and not to bribe it back into your life.

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