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Alignment 101

Alignment in law of attraction terms means when you are a match to who you really are and everything you desire.

You see as soon as you wish for something that you want, the energy / non physical part of you becomes a match to what you desire. And the universe grants you your wish energetically and your desire is real right then, in the vibrational universe.

However, for you to experience it in the physical world we live in, you have to get aligned to the larger, non physical part of you that has expanded to include your desire.

This process of alignment is what we have all come to earth for. You don't have to take my word for it but as you experience your profound aligning to your higher self, you will experience joy that will resonate with every part of you. And that will without a doubt feel like you are living life fulfilling your purpose.

Now of course there are infinite paths to alignment.

Here are some examples that will bring some clarity on how you can get aligned.

  • When you are engaged in some activity where you lose track of time and that energizes you, then you are in alignment.

  • When you are joyfully contributing towards a purpose, yours or a collective purpose of a group, then you are in alignment.

  • When you sit in silence feeling the deep connection with your inner being and everything around you, then you are in alignment.

  • When you appreciate anything - person, thing, environment or self then in that moment you are in alignment.

  • When you focus your attention on what pleases you and makes you happy, then you are in alignment.

  • When you feel unconditional, without judgement, all accepting love for yourself, you are in alignment.

  • When you are living each day honoring your own values then you are in alignment.

You will know you are in alignment to your higher self and everything you desire when you feel joy, when you feel optimistic, eager and excited about the unfolding of your life. When you are at peace with your current circumstances knowing that what you don't want in your life is just transitional. And you believe and know that you are the creator of your life experience. You will feel good in the now and your life will be in a state of flow. You will experience synchronicity, coincidences, divine nudges and perfect timing regularly.

When I have invested time and energy in nurturing my alignment, I find that I get parking spots easily, people that I have been remembering will suddenly call me, what I have wanted and wished for starts to show up in my life, I am at the right place at the right time, I form deeper connections with people, I experience more abundance in my life and I experience more harmony with my husband and my kids.

I invite you to put your alignment as top of the list and enjoy the process and benefit of being aligned.

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