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A powerful manifesting process - Visualization

Today, I want to share with you what I have come to experience as a powerful manifesting practice. I am referring to Visualization or as most deliberate creators call it creative visualization.

Last year I started to feel the itch to move to a bigger better home for our family. I discussed it with my husband and we decided that maybe in a couple of years we could think of moving. We live in a beautiful unit with water views. And have been living there for more than 7 years as tenants.

A few months ago I again started to feel restless and decided to quietly and playfully visualize my new home just before I closed my eyes at night to sleep. Now I did this to feel good. To drift off to sleep thinking of something that gave me pleasure. In no conscious way did I want to move right away as that was not on the plan for this year at all. So I went about my playful but very detailed walk through my new home every night. It got me happy, excited and eager for whenever this would come through my reality. 3 weeks into this casual exercise, we get an unexpected email that put our head in to a spin. The owners wanted to move in and we were given notice to move out !!!

This is what went through my head -

What ?? After living here for over 7 years, now they want to move in, why now ?. This isn't good. We are not ready. This was not on the plan. I feel vulnerable. Oh my !!! What did I do ?? Did I make this happen?

OMG ! I did make this happen. Ok something great is going to come out of this. The universe is creating the reality I visualized so my dream home must be around the corner. Ok I got this. Breathe. Stay calm. You have two months to find The place.

And yes we did find a new home. And all the things I had put into the vortex as requests or preferences, I have them now. As I sit in my new home, my heart filled with appreciation, I can't help but acknowledge how we all are powerful beings that can create the life we desire.

Also, this was another powerful example of how visualization done with out any attached neediness and desperation can give you some quick and unexpected results.

So here are my top 4 tips to doing a successful visualization

  1. Do it for the right reason - Do it for the purpose of feeling good. Do it to immerse yourself in the scene of the reality that you prefer and want to manifest. Do it to get yourself excited, happy and eager. I say this because if you visualize with the objective to only manifest what you want, it makes this exercise very serious and adds unwanted pressure on you.

  2. Get as detailed as you can - To make your visualization even more powerful as as many details as you can. What does the scene look like, what are the things/people you see, what sounds can you hear, what can you smell, what is the weather like, is the sun shining. When I was visualizing my new home, I could feel the floor boards under my feet. Our previous home did not have floor boards so I loved the sensation of walking on the wooden floor in my visualization. I saw all the small and big organization boxes that I had in the cupboards with all the stuff stored away neatly. Our previous home had less storage space. As I imagined the tiniest of details, it got me excited. And that is the aim of any visualization exercise. To get clear with what you want and to feel the emotions now.

  3. Immerse yourself in the scene - I love this part actually. When you immerse yourself in the scene that you are visualizing, you create in yourself a memory of how it feels to live the reality that you want to attract. When you see yourself enjoying and savoring the reality you are visualizing, it adds powerful emotions to the image you have in your mind of your manifestation. And emotions are the rocket fuel that actually bring your manifestation to fruition.

  4. Do it playfully - Like deciding to choose a subject you want to dream about and then starting off that dream sequence consciously. You don't dream with an agenda in mind. And that makes it more real. Similarly visualize playfully for the fun of it with no time pressure. And if you are new to it, choose to visualize something that is small, perhaps insignificant like movie tickets or coming across a certain flower.

So come on let's do this together. I am onto the next thing that I am now enjoying visualizing. Have you got something in mind that you would like to attract and start visualizing about?

Please write to me with your thoughts on this or any other subject.

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