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The misunderstanding we have about "Being positive"

"Be positive" is such an over used phrase these days that it has sort of lost its essence.

For me personally and as a coach being positive is crucial to creating a healthy relationship with yourself and the world around you.

Being positive is what helps you get aligned to who you really are and attract the life you want.

There is a huge misunderstanding about what being positive means in the real world where you have to make minute to minute practical decisions.

Here is what being positive doesn't mean

  • Being positive doesn't mean never feeling negative emotion - Infact negative emotions like fear, anger, being upset or sadness naturally come up when we are faced with challenges. They are a essential part of the human experience. What is important as a deliberate creator is to use those negative emotions as a starting point to get clear with how you do want to feel and what you do want to experience. And then be able to direct your attention to what you want and move towards it vibrationally first and then only physically in terms of action. The best way to explain the difference between taking action while being vibrationally misaligned and being aligned is like deciding to exercise and diet because you hate your body versus because you want to be of service to your body and want to look after it. The first reason might get you to lose weight or achieve your goals temporarily but because your energy is not aligned to your higher self, you will either gain it back or still be unhappy inspite of losing the weight. While the second path will help you enjoy the journey towards achieving your goal as well as help you feel long lasting fulfillment.

  • Being positive doesn't mean always being happy - As stated in the previous point I believe all the varied emotions that we feel are valid and must be acknowledged as part of the process of releasing the ones that no longer serve you. For example, when feeling fear signals you to double check while crossing a road and prevents you from colliding into a oncoming car versus fear that is preventing you from trying something new because you might believe that you will not be very good at it. You can appreciate the emotions that serve your alignment and slowly release the ones that hamper your alignment to who you really are.

  • Being positive doesn't mean sitting on the couch waiting for good things to happen What it means is that you are deliberately deciding to look at the sunny side, the positive outcome, the preferred experience and pay attention to what you want over what is your reality. You do this because prioritising your state of mind over taking action to improve your situation will align you to come across the best solution or opportunity that will help you get to where you want to go. So you still will need to take action but it will be inspired action taken with the right positive attitude rather than out of fear or worry.

I hope my thoughts on this subject help you understand and have more faith in the practice of being positive. I invite you to check in with your internal guidance system that communicates through your emotions and try being positive especially in challenging situations and see how that feels for you.

If you need more support to help you improve your state of mind then reach out to me at

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