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Allow it to manifest

Law of Attraction can be tricky. In the sense the process of creation can get confusing and put your head in a tizzy.

As a deliberate creator you know the process is that we experience contrast or in other words an unwanted experience and that makes us get clear with what we do want to experience.

That in a nutshell is the first step of "Asking"

You should welcome this first step because it's the unwanted experiences that you go through that causes you to move energy towards what you do want to experience.

Then comes the step of "allowing".

Allowing means you are a match to what you want.

The simple explanation is that you are in a state of allowing when you can activate feelings of how you would feel once you get what you want.

Some of the questions that you should ask your self to check if you are in the state of allowing are -

How do you predominately feel when you think of the subject of what you want to manifest ?

Are you feeling needy or desperate for what you desire ?

Does thinking of your desire get you excited and eager ?

As you think about your desire, are you getting clearer on what it looks like, what it feels like and how you would behave when you receive it?

So for example recently, I wanted to get one of our overseas properties sold in a market that wasn't doing so well. My desire to sell that property had been strong for a long long time, almost 4 years long. But I hadn't prioritized getting into the state of allowing regarding this subject.

A few months ago I decided, I am going to start affirming to myself that this property is already sold. At first, it didn't sound believable to me. But the more I said it and the more I talked about it as if it had already been sold and we were enjoying the money we had received after the sale of this property, the more excited I became.

Every time doubt came up, I would gently release it and affirm again that it is a done deal and already sold. I didn't necessarily spend the whole day thinking about it. Only when my attention would go to my desire, I would check in with my emotions to see if I was in a state of allowing. Naturally, if I was feeling excited, happy and relieved that meant that I was in a state of allowing. If I felt doubt, fear or anxiousness then I was not a match to what I desired.

The result was that a month later I sold the property that I was waiting for 4 years to sell.

Earlier I mentioned that the Law of Attraction can be tricky. I say that because contrast causes you to come up with a desire, and then to be in the state of allowing you have to make peace with where you are, learn to be happy without seeing your desire in your reality and get excited about something you don't know the " How" will it manifest in your life.

It is a skill that you can develop with practice.

Reach out to me at to have more conversations about using the Law of Attraction to attract the life you desire.

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