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Five easy steps to change your negative emotions into positive.

As deliberate creators you know what you feel is what you attract.

So to make deliberate choices in our lives that lead us to feeling positive emotions is a logical step to take.

However at times we are confronted with negative feelings due to the variety of experiences we go through in our lives. For me personally if I have had a few busy days and not had time to sit in silence and connect with my higher self, I can easily get swept up with feelings of unease and anxiousness.

The five steps that work for me in changing my feelings from negative to positive are these.

1) Ask yourself "What have you observed or paid attention to that is causing you to feel negative emotion?"

2) Remember you have a choice, to notice the reality that makes you feel miserable, or deliberately choose to form a perception of the same truth or reality that makes you feel better. As you practice this skill you will get better at not being so hung up on " But that's the truth and wouldn't I be irresponsible or foolish to ignore the reality " Because the universe will present you with the reality that matches your vibration which is made up of your thoughts and feelings. This is the reason many people get stuck in life and experience one unwanted situation after another. You have to find a way to move beyond your reality and choose to tell a story of your life that makes you feel better rather than worse.

3) Move your attention to what pleases you and what you appreciate in your life. I am a big fan of making lists of the wonderful things that I can appreciate. Spend a bit of time thinking about these things that give you pleasure and talk about them. Words are very powerful so find a friend to share your appreciation with. Or you could also journal your thoughts. The idea is to remove your focus from the unwanted to the wanted thereby raising your vibration.

4) Now write down or think about what you do want in that particular situation. Spend some time thinking about what if everything worked out in your favor. How would you feel ? What would life look like ? What would you be doing? Notice how you start to feel when you build energy towards what you want.

5) Now keep the momentum of the feel good emotions going by deliberately choosing to do some activities that give you joy. Of course you have to get creative in finding space and time to do those activities but know that, as you start to feel better and better, you are getting closer and closer to what you want to experience.

I encourage you to prioritize how you are feeling and pause and slow down when you become aware that you are feeling negative emotion. That way you have a better chance of moving towards what feels better. What you feel is what you attract

if you want to have a in depth chat with me about this you can reach out to me at

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