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You can have everything you ever wished for

You deserve to receive everything you ever wanted in your life. All the good stuff you ever prayed for or wished for is waiting to show up in your life. But here is the catch, all those experiences that you desire, all the physical stuff that you want and all the money that you wish you had holds a certain vibration. That vibration has specific emotions attached to it.

Usually all that stuff represents feelings like freedom, happiness, excitement and appreciation.

As a deliberate creator, you know that you need to be a match to what you desire to attract it in your life. That is the basis of how The Law of Attraction plays out in our lives.

So the question is how do you feel free when you are bound to a job you don't like? How do you feel happy knowing you are in debt and how do you access appreciation when you feel so down in the dumps?

In my own life, I have experienced contrast and had to take responsibility for how I have been feeling. Once I was able to activate and conjure up feelings that had a higher vibration, I was able to attract better circumstances.

Here are some tips and practices that you can use now to help you lift your vibration and attract the life you desire and deserve.

  1. Practice self love daily - Invest time and energy in getting to know yourself and in recognizing your value irrespective of what you are doing or not doing in the real world. You are of value because you are an extension of source/god/universe. That is enough reason for you to be in love with your self, admire your self and acknowledge your preciousness.

  2. Appreciate Appreciate Appreciate - No matter what your circumstances are, if you can look up at the blue sky or the green trees and appreciate the beauty that you see then you will be able to raise your vibration. You have to use your power of focus and look for things in your daily routine to appreciate, then pause and spend some time really acknowledging and appreciating what you observe.

  3. Meditate - Meditating can help you access feelings of feeling free and one with the universe. That in itself is a powerful tool to help you become a match to all the wonderful things that you wish for in your life.

  4. Go inwards - It is when you look outwards for your life to get better so that you can feel better that it gets really tricky. The more you go inwards and find joy within you the better and better your life gets.

  5. Raise your consciousness - Consciousness is your ability to observe your self. As you expand your consciousness from yourself to encompass everyone and everything around you, you become more energy and less matter. At a basic level we are aware of our body but as we raise our consciousness we understand the meaning of why things happen. We are able to observe our spiritual selves and not only our physical selves. We start to use more than our 5 senses and are more in tune with our intuition which can guide us to opportunities that will improve the circumstances of our lives.

Remember, you have to consciously commit to these practices and incorporate them as part of your being and living. There are no shortcuts to loving yourself or raising your consciousness. It requires daily habits that contribute to the feelings of well being.

If you want more inspiration and guidance to get you started on your deliberate creation journey, reach out to me at

Being of service to you is my life's purpose.

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